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  1. TurboPask

    Skype issues with hudl

    Hi, I have the same issue :(
  2. TurboPask

    HDMI not full screen

    Same behavior with my Hudl.....
  3. TurboPask

    HDMI not full screen

    The App, NOMone Resolution Changer, handles these shell commands.
  4. TurboPask

    Excel email attachments

    You have to install an app able to read excel file. I can suggest you Quickoffice by Google.
  5. TurboPask

    Skype issues with hudl

    Try the modded version of Skype by XDA: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showpost.php?p=43288187&postcount=3001
  6. TurboPask

    Hudl backup script (under review & re-write)

    Hi, from an adb shell, type "df" command to know size of each partition of your device. This article can be usefull: http://techblogon.com/android-file-system-structure-architecture-layout-details/
  7. TurboPask

    Upgrade or not

    Hi, can yo u explain me how to make backup using rkflashtool? thanks
  8. TurboPask

    [TOOLS] Useful tools for tinkerers

    Hi, look at: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2326604 it is a graphic interface to use apktool
  9. TurboPask

    How do I transfer files Apps on to my memory card?

    You need to install kindle for android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.amazon.kindle&hl=it) and with this app you can get ebooks from kindle store.
  10. TurboPask

    Hudl kernel source code available!!!

    I sent my cv to Tesco :o .... :D
  11. Directly from Tesco support: http://www.tescotechsupport.com/downloads/
  12. TurboPask

    1.3 OTA and Hudl Rooted with Kingo

    Which error you got? In my case the error was related to the removed apk, so I solved restoring them.
  13. First I tried to modify the update.zip file in order to insert the proper signature. I found some software around by I had no success. In my case the update process failed because I removed some Apk (the same you indicated as not necessary some weeks ago) from system/app. So I extracted these apk form the stock image of Paul and I put again these apk in the app dir; after I was able to update my hudl. p.s.: I used the chinese VRoot program to root my hudl.
  14. Hi, two days ago I tried to modify the update.zip file to remove some assert-check but I wasn't able to apply the update using the stock recovery because fail for zip signature verification! I know that this is not an issue for CWM recovery....
  15. TurboPask

    1.3 OTA and Hudl Rooted with Kingo

    Thanks for the info. The same with VRoot (chinese program). If you use this program to root your hudl and don't remove any system apk, the ota update works nice.

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