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  1. hal2710

    What's the next update codename for hudl?

    Kitkat + Hudl = Kudl ;-)
  2. hal2710

    TabbieDroid work stops !!

    Good morning all, To save any further mix ups with the "Brand" TabbieDroid", I have decided to keep any future update that I make private. Glad to have started the ball rolling here. Thanks and goodbye. hal2710 (creator of the first custom ROM for the Tesco Hudl)
  3. Hi, Just for the record I made TabbieDroid, which I based on Pauls work. Hal2710 PS Tabbie is my daughters name..................
  4. Well done, Pity that you didn't call your ROM something different, because some people may mistake this as my work. Too be clear WELL done h4x0rm1k3 on his ROM TabbieDroid V2. My work here is done Hal2710
  5. Nice job hippy dave, looks like my work here is done. Carry on old boy !! Hal2710
  6. Well it looks like drivers to me. Can you connect to the Hudl's sdcard any tranfer files ? If not try reinstalling and let me know. Mick Edit, It looks as though this thread will die as "h4x0rm1k3" has made a V2 of this ROM, all credit to him.
  7. Hi Rem1x, Please note that because of the way the internal memory is allocated in the Hudl, the internal sdcard is not accesible from CWM. I am currently building a custom install script that should work around this. Until we fully understand the Hudl non standard setup "Straight forward porting" will not be easy. Please keep us updated with any of your findings though. Hal2710
  8. Hi TescoHudl, Can you please post the "mainlog" file that is generated when you press save. Thanks Hal2710
  9. Hi to all, Can we all now please move anymore questions on the ROM over to the thread started by Ian [ROM]Tesco Hudl 20130923.020558[CWM][Root]TabbieDroid 1.0 MODS Please close this thread. Hal2710
  10. Hi hippy dave, Please feel free to use ANYTHING in the ROM, just a little credit would be nice though. Mick
  11. Hi CaptainMidnight, Good question, the only answer I can give and to be clear I have no secrets here. All I did was take the stock ROM from Paul and unpack it into all the different image parts the unpack the boot.img and alter the content of default.prop, then unpack rooted system.img from Paul and remove the apks suggested by glossywhite. I then swapped the recovery.img for my patched version and then repack all and Yes nearly half a gig smaller. I can only say that it must be the new RKTools17 maybe its more efficent packing things. Others may have more info than me. Mick
  12. Hi Lister, Because of the way the Hudl internal storage is set up, CWM cannot MOUNT the sdcard. BUT........YES you can make a full CWM backup to "external sdcard" AKA Full Nandroid backup. You have to restore from "external sdcard" but I normally do this anyway incase of a bad flash on the update. Mick
  13. You're Welcome ! hal2710 (Mick)
  14. Well Ok here you all go........ I have tried to contact Paul, but he still hasn't replied. I have been working on my project some more (with help from ROM Guru 900supersport over at Freaktab). I now have a Fully Rooted image, I've also added a Custom CWM recovery that I bulit. Thanks to glossywhite for his list of apks to remove. Try here. Flash via Pauls method in OP Mick
  15. Hello everyone, After seeing ALL the requests about "Ghost Towns" and NO Devs I was just trying to get some Google "SEO" action to this website. Thanks to Paul for his work in getting me this far. I could NOT have done it WITHOUT his efforts @glossywhite I DO find my own work rewarding. Please Try for yourself. Mick MOD: Please close this thread

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