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  1. Hey, quick question: Is Huawei G510 supported? I cannot find it on your website and I need an unlock code.
  2. Hi all, From various reasons I have to stick to Original ROM for now. All is reasonable except the increasing ringtone issue. Is there any way to get rid of this without installing an app? I can flash things as I have TWRP...but I did not find anything suitable. Can anyone help?
  3. Thanks. Both Apex and Themer are great (and tried them already) but I just need to get Trebuchet working by default on my stock ROM. Any ideas on how to make it work?
  4. Hey all, I would like to use Trebuchet on stock ROM on my G510-0100. I know that this can be easily done on Samsung phones with adb operations, but I am not sure about our phone. Does anyone know how I can acheive this? Thanks in advance
  5. You also have a bootloader locking operation available, also from Huawei...so I guess it is not a problem, you can restore to stock anytime and lock your bootloader and you're as good as new. Am I wrong?
  6. Sweet! Thanks for answering. Time to switch back to this ROM then :) :)
  7. Great. I'll try this as well. Thanks a lot. Have a nice evening ;)
  8. Thanks for the suggestion. I will try that. LQ still bugs for me...maybe it's my phone...I don't know. I'll try some other alternative...if not, I'll just switch to stock, root it and that's it...no biggie...I don't know what all the fuss is all about anyway...these are just words and ideas, not something worth fighting for...
  9. Ok, I get your point, I'll stop talking on this subject. Don't mind me...it isn't worth it anyway. I like the ROM, I'm just sad Youtube does not work but I am waiting...I did not spam the forum...just tried to make some sense. Have a nice evening...
  10. Fricy81, with all due respect, I do what I think it's right to do. It's natural to ask questions and to be concerned about something you care about. I think that dazzozo should take this as a sign of trust in his ability to fix this. I already agreed (strange you did not notice but you all complain about people not reading the posts) that it can be frustrating and that this being a free work is mostly about the dev's will and time but still, I did some volunteer work some years ago...nothing big like this, just with the Red Cross helping people and I can imagine what it would have meant to say..."you know what people? I do this in my spare time...for free...go gather your own food if you want it fast...or just drink rain water" (how cool is this, huh?) Just saying...
  11. Yup, I get your point and I totally agree with you. I appreciate your calm tone, it seems it's hard to get people to be civilized when others' opinions are different from their own.
  12. You know what? Screw it, I don't have time for this stupid fight and your attitude. I was trying to deliver a message, which you clearly did not understand. Just ignore my messages and you'll be happy. Just FYI, I did not blame him, I just defended the other guys who are just waiting for fixes like I do...trying to explain the reactions and thoughts involved... I got really offended by your message...
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