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  1. I found the original rom on needrom and then flashed it. Baseband came back and then i restored a cwm back up
  2. Took me two hours, but I've solved the problem :)
  3. Contacted MeriMobiles. Hope they can help.
  4. Also no IMEI number..... :wacko:
  5. update looked at system settings and the basebandis "unknown". Is this correct? Can anyone help please
  6. Hi guys, I flashedTillaz Rom and all and now my SIM card is not detected :( Tried restoring the original ROM but stil not working. It worked fine before I flashed it. I have it inSIM slot 1and it is my only SIM so i don't want to cut it down to size to try the second SIM slot. This is super frustrating. Can anyone help please.
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