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  1. MikieStyle

    Phone is dead now?

    Nope dont got the warranty have this for more than 2 years. @Dayler yeah i did everything you said. Also i try it today again but all still the same.
  2. MikieStyle

    Phone is dead now?

    So i tried also the firmware update... and well it try to update it but after some seconds it saids Update failed. Some other tips? Btw i still cant go to the boot menu.. dunno how you call that hehe. *EDIT* He says Update failed on the moment he tried to install it.
  3. MikieStyle

    Phone is dead now?

    My screen turns pink
  4. MikieStyle

    Phone is dead now?

    Sorry for this late reaction, so no succes at all if you want to get in to the recovery it have to pass the first logo it doesn't do that. When that logo come's up 20sec later my phone shut down. But my PC still see the phone thats kinde weird if your phone is dead your pc wont see it.
  5. MikieStyle

    Phone is dead now?

    I'll try this tomorrow, and will let you know how it work out.
  6. MikieStyle

    Phone is dead now?

    Well it doesn't really turn on if it hangs in a loop it will reptly go on and off with me now. I can turn it on with the vibrating thing i see the logo and in like 10sec it shut it self off and wont go on again. Same if i connected it to my pc, i see the logo and it goes off again.
  7. Hey guys, So yesterday i was on the internet with my phone and nothing was wrong just chilling on my bed before i go to sleep. The time was the to get some sleep i put my phone away and the next morning (today) i woke up, so i get out bed i took my phone with me. And i wanted to go in the menu but the screen was black and i was like ah hell no not this sh*t again. So i walk to my computer because i wanted to reset my computer in the boot menu, but here it come's it starts up with that vibrating and boom there is the logo, so i waited to see what was going to happen and boom it turns off and thats it. It doesn't matter what i do it does the same sh*t everytime Starts with the vibrating shows me the logo and turn off again, it doesn't turn on his self i have to do it. when i put it on my pc the first time it saids there was a update but i had somethings to do today so i skip it because i was sure it will be back when i plug it on my pc again. Well no it doesn't turn up when i plug in my phone my pc search for the software and boom it's says nothing that i can do for you mikie :(. So what do i have to do now? btw i got this phone now for more than 2 years so bring it back cost me money -_-. I'm getting some sleep now really tired at the moment hope when im back there are some mssg in here. See ya MikieStyle

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