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  1. CaptainMidnight

    Wanted HUDL 1 JDQ39.20140424.153851 stock rom

    Replied on another thread.
  2. As per your PM request, I do still have this file and just require your details so that it can be uploaded......
  3. CaptainMidnight

    Hudl2 FW Update fail.

    AFAIK that's completely different to the udate loop - never seen that before sorry.
  4. CaptainMidnight

    How to root your Hudl 2

    All I can say is when a Hudl2 is updated to lollipop by the ota the smaller file is flashed by the system first, then it reboots and then if finds and flashes the bigger file in that order.
  5. CaptainMidnight

    Hudl 1.3.1 Update

    Hi are you still after this?
  6. CaptainMidnight

    Stuck in 5.1 update loop

    Your update is failing due to the update integrity checking, probably you "deleted" instead of "disabling" default Tesco apps. Once you restore your hudl2 internal software to a default "known" state the OTA update will work. How you get back to a "known" state is by re-installing all the default apps you've deleted. You can either do this manually or by re-installing previous updates. You need to do a lot of reading various threads etc before just jumping straight in. If you had previously updated to 5.1 after a factory reset it's still 5.1 and this forced update is just a normal OTA. If you never updated to lolipop previously then this is the 5.1 update. Either way you have options - stick with 4.x and disable updates or restore to a known configuration and then just let it update automatically.
  7. CaptainMidnight

    How to root your Hudl 2

    No nothings changed, tethered recovery method for you on 4.4.
  8. CaptainMidnight

    OK so how can we get Lollipop rooted ?

    Unless / until a method is found to root 5.1 through a software flaw, you need an 'ex' or 'kind' Tesco hudl2 insider to leak the resources for our tablet, statting with a complete build image, ideally with the bare metal install / restore provisioning utility - it's new year I can only hope ..... IF any such person in that position, happens upon this post and feels charitable I can guarantee there are many ways this could be shared without comeback - just a thought. [ninja]
  9. CaptainMidnight

    Game Over For My Hudl2 ?

    Well my friend where to start, for the sake of sanity, it's going to be here - I can't caveat this with every possibility as the post would be too long and you'd probably skip to the action anyway so here we go with the 'big picture' straight away (big breaths): - The 'whole point / goal' of using a keyboard method to break out of the 'forced' setup process is to enable you after a hudl2 factory reset / wipe whatever you want to call it is to get to settings and re-enable 1st developer mode, then USB debugging that's it - stop here. After a factory reset, you can't do anything else until you've reached this very point - why - well the error messages you get when the forced software update happens (as you probably / should have gathered by now) are due to 'software integrity' checks that Tesco updates run through before installing once they have been downloaded and your hudl2 reboots to install them. So ....., what was the point of getting to here then, I hear you ask, well ........ Stop - let's pause and think back ..... Right, so you've previously rooted your hudl2, just like me and many other people, BUT you need to think here what did you do with your hudl2 while you were rooted - if you changed or deleted ANY pre-installed software or system configuration files (build.prop always and I mean always was my downfall) this is the cause of future OTA updates not installing and throwing up errors. As an aside, just for your info, when you get your error while the update tries to install, along with the detail it'll give you with the error number, it'll also pin-point for you the reasoning for the failure - it'll probably tell you somethings not there or what it's looking for / doesn't like. Anyway - back to now ..... So we're sitting with the hudl2 broken out of the enforced setup process, with development mode enabled, USB debugging enabled, connected to you PC and all your ADB drivers are loaded and you can see it when you issue the 'adb devices' command in a command prompt...... I promise you - probably - the easiest way to return your hudl2 back to an 'acceptable' software configuration for a successful forced initial setup update to work is to re-flash a previous system partition image. Why - well the only aim here is to undo whatever you have done while rooted - that's it, simple I know but CRITICAL. So, working backwards in date order, using Paul's rooted system images, re-flash the most recent system image to your hudl2 via the 'fastboot' command-line method as detailed in Paul's pinned thread (which thread, the pinned thread - it's the only pinned thread you can't miss it - a cause for personal irritation but hey that's life, we'll move on). Remember Will Robinson, fastboot mode uses slightly different drivers - ensure when connected to your hudl2 in fastboot mode, you get a device found via the 'fastboot devices' command. Once you've re-flashed the last most recent system image and you reset your hudl2 - guess what - you'll need to go through the initial setup process again - Yay! At this point, don't break out of the process and let it find then download the forced software update. When it reboots to install the update - it's either going to work or display an error (no shxt Sherlock!). IF the update installs - STOP HERE - get on with whatever you want to do and be happy....... IF it again FAILS to install, perform a factory reset via the recovery mode and break out of the forced initial setup and then run through all of the above again BUT this time use the next previous system image than you've just used .......... basically you're taking your system partition back in time until you reach the point of acceptability for the forced software update. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all this above isn't difficult, you just need to be patient and careful, good luck and good night - hey it's new year and hopefully a new start for your hudl2. [ninja]
  10. CaptainMidnight

    So, I dun goofed...

    From memory, idb errors are generally the death nail in the original hudl - normally caused by attempting to flash the wrong boot version - this was generally always unticked in the list of partitions to flash. Have you tried flashing partitions via the linux command-line tools, where all you need is the hudl in boot-loader mode and the correct usb android driver loaded in linux? It's something I've asked people before in this situation but don't get a reply..... just thinking of other options.
  11. CaptainMidnight

    Cant boot into recovery, boot loop

    Before being able to offer any help or or possible ways forward, you'd need to re-cap how you've ended up here (without prejudicing a future possible 'option' - it may be advisable to update your original post and remove your serial number in that picture and any other similar pictures you've posted in other threads). Ah right, I've just seen from another thread what you've been doing, sorry but I think you're knacked at the moment until someone can provide you with partition images to flash. I'd do it, but can't until we have a working 5.1 root solution.
  12. CaptainMidnight

    adblock plus

    Never tried it now that in 5.1 the hudl2 is no longer rooted. Just wanted to give you some response so you're not left hanging.....
  13. CaptainMidnight

    Hudl 2 can’t charge to full when switched on, ok when off

    If it's still in warranty, request a repair by Tesco - irrespective of them not selling them anymore, they can't refuse to either fix it or refund you if you're in warranty. If you're out of warranty and 'nothing' is running in the background while you're trying to charge it :- Install a benchmark program and set it on loop until your battery dies, then keep you hudl2 off while you fully charge it with the original (or known working) charge and cable. Which according to your post should work. Then unfortunately factory reset it and try again from a 'known' software state - you'd need to backup anything you didn't want to loose beforehand (just saying Grandma in case others are reading and are too eager!) To be honest, if you're still in warranty Tesco would probably want you to do the second point anyway, before they'd accept it back for refund / replacement / service whatever ......
  14. CaptainMidnight

    Hudl 2 not found in Fastboot

    What happens when you plug it into a USB2 ports on a computer in either fastboot mode or when you break out of the setup process and re-enable USB debugging in the developer mode?
  15. CaptainMidnight

    Lollipop update and Factory Reset

    ..... the next step would have been / is to selectively manually install previous OTA's until you reach a point where a full reset results in the automatic 'Searching for udates' at the end of the setup process working .....

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