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  1. anybody know when will be CM with lollipop?
  2. After encryption I don't have data connection. Only on Wi-Fi internet working. Any solution?
  3. No. How? This is not available. I'd like to.
  4. First time in pocket on meeting (2014-06-14 build) next time in the car (2014-06-08 build). Two times per 2 days. Pull out battery. Phone is unlocked officialy. I think that cause is high temperature. Probably processor overheats.
  5. I've got that problem, that phone jumps into reboot loop and battery was eaten by that.
  6. Phone is unlocked by official way. That I said on 2014-12-30 no reboots.
  7. Phone reboots very often. Power button makes that phone is not responding (not always). On button click, nothings happen. Then I have to wait long time for respond or phone will reboot. Sometimes phone is very very slowly. I'm using 2013-12-30 build and phone is usable. Everything works fine. I'd like newer build which will be working stable exactly the same like this one. Why new updates make that ROM is getting slow and unstable. I thought that updates should improve it, not inversely.
  8. When can I expect a stable version. I don't want new features but usable phone.
  9. By last week I was on 20131230 build. And I have to say that phone is usable. No reboots, no lags. Missing features fill Xposed. Maybe I'll try new update, but I'm afraid that will be the same like before.
  10. On 2014-04-17 build themes working for me. Now only overclocking would be nice, because phone lags. Besides ROM is great.
  11. @rhen I've got 2014-04-15 build and still doesn't work. Is there any them working with new theme engine?
  12. It's a pity. I was using this theme https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thomassafca.theme.touchwiz.five.free Is it posible to make work this theme?
  13. After last updates, translating are better but themes not working.
  14. I'm using 1-16_GApps_Core_4.4.2_signed.zip and 1-16_GApps_Standard_4.4.2_signed.zip to work Google services. Why after 2014-03-28 update is huge battery consuming by system, over 30%
  15. I've got this problem after every update

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