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  1. greyrider

    Poor WIFI signal.

    Try running a WiFi check, ensure you're not clashing with somebody else's network and change channels in the router if you are.
  2. greyrider

    Hudl and Virgin TV Anywhere

    1. Root the Hudl Download a file manager. Edit /system/build.prop ro.product.model=Nexus S ro.product.manufacturer=samsung Save Reboot 2. We may never know ;) 3. I don't have Virgin, but a quick peek at their site indicates the app does support live viewing. Probably why it's called ""TV Anywhere"?
  3. greyrider

    Modified SystemUI without Tesco button

    Thread above this one, pinned, http://www.modaco.com/topic/365575-stock-hudl-rom-for
  4. greyrider

    wpa_supplicant modification for ad-hoc wifi?

    OK, while I appreciate it's become a cliche, but is there an app for this? I tried the store with "ad hoc connection" and got a few interesting results with no need to alter the WiFi supplicant - although you may need to be rooted ;-) Any chance your device could use Bluetooth?
  5. greyrider

    wpa_supplicant modification for ad-hoc wifi?

    No idea, would this help? http://www.fonearena.com/blog/88249/how-to-setup-an-ad-hoc-wifi-network-on-your-laptop-for-any-android-phone-without-root.html
  6. greyrider

    can you run .exe files?

    Yep, although your results may vary. The one I know of, but haven't tried, is the QEMU app. Try a search in the play store, there's probably others.....
  7. greyrider

    Creating a custom ROM for the Tesco Hudl

    Yep, FolderMount is OK, but not exactly what I want which is why I asked originally about ROMs in progress. AppMgr absolutely does not work on the Hudl, reporting as such due to the SD card being emulated. I actually did try it which is why I wouldn't recommend it to anyone else. No worries, I don't seem to have any of the "issues" an awful lot of others are experiencing (screen blanking when connected via HDMI, touchscreen failing, charger not working, etc, etc) so having grabbed up an early model seems to outweigh the very slight niggles I have. Thanks for the responses.
  8. greyrider

    Creating a custom ROM for the Tesco Hudl

    Not on my Hudl it doesn't.
  9. greyrider

    Creating a custom ROM for the Tesco Hudl

    Thanks for that, GravityBox and various plugins run in same day as gaining root , one day after dragging the Hudl home; I'd rather a ROM which switched default storage to the real external SD so just thought I'd ask if anything was brewing.
  10. greyrider

    Creating a custom ROM for the Tesco Hudl

    Any news/hints on your ROM, availability, what it might include?
  11. greyrider

    tesco hudle, video pixelation

    Anything else using the WiFi at the same time, have you tried the Hudl on a different network elsewhere?
  12. greyrider

    Hudl and Virgin TV Anywhere

    Try the "Hide my root" app or something similar, seems Virgin doesn't like rooted devices
  13. greyrider

    Charging Issues followed by micro USB socket detachment!

    Log in to your Google account and change the password?
  14. greyrider

    Who's game to do a "tear down"? ;-)

    Looks as if mods to both the WiFi antenna and GPS leads could be done quite readily. I must have really fat fingernails, no amount of attempts can get one jammed in the thing - although I did manage to fracture the end of one so a manicure's coming later ^_^ I don't need to open it up, yet, so I'll hang on before ramming a tool blade in.
  15. greyrider

    SD Card Maximum Capacity?

    Excellent! Thanks for that, I'll rummage out another cards partition it up

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