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  1. Hi! I have a question. There is a long time since I don't use my old g330 xD but today I want to install cyanogenmod 10.1 on it. I want to install this ROM: http://www.modaco.com/topic/364200-cyanogenmod-101-build-r22-021014/ and I know that I need to change 2 files (I think that they are audio libs and another one) but I can't remember which files I need to change xD. Can anybody help me? Thanks. (I know that I can install fonz rom, but I want to install the Kra1o5 one) I saw that: http://www.modaco.com/topic/373606-mod-kk-y300-rom-to-g330/ but it is for kitkat. There's anything similar with jelly bean 4.2? :)
  2. David_vaz from htcmania is doing an update every night. Nightly builds avaliable here: http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=976325
  3. try to extract ril and audio libs of the g330 version of SlimLP
  4. You can try to use the y300 version, but extract ril and audio libs of SlimLP for g330 and replace it on y300 rom (with winrar for example). If that don't work, try to replace the kernel too. https://basketbuild.com/filedl/devs?dev=chil360&dl=chil360/u8825/SlimLP/Slim-u8825-5.0.2.alpha.0.91-UNOFFICIAL-20150207-1839.zip
  5. What if you try to use the kernel of the g330 version of this rom?
  6. Thanks, but chil360 kernel for slimLP works great on cm12 haha :P I wasted my time
  7. Okay, that is better hahaha because with my repack wifi don't work xD
  8. Hi! chil360 fixed data internet in slimLP with his new kernel. I have made a repack of the kernel for cm12, so if you want data internet working flash this -> https://mega.co.nz/#!bNJk1CbJ!xAJRRPUtFk_EuXkk06XtSU96shBB5hhcn6FiDjsf2Q8 wifi don't work :(
  9. Yes it happens to everybody using any kitkat rom :( it's a well-known bug
  10. But there are repacks in the forum. He can just download it and install it.
  11. With chil kernel i have never had a random reboot. Since the last manual reboot that i did, 3 weeks without any reboot.
  12. At least is better than our y300 xD What would you do if you recieve a better phone for free? Everybody will accept it I think xD
  13. Day by day the y300/g510 community is dying haha. Goodbye luca. I'm going to recieve next month the lg g2 of my uncle :P and I'm going to give my y300 to my father too haha.
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