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  1. **PLEASE MARK THIS POST AS SOLVED** Hi everyone I have a asus padfone 2 stuck on logo with Invalid kernel message on top of the screen!!! My phone was rooted with FRAMAROOT.APK with nothing to do with the bootloader unlock app cause is was not working, maybe because of the new august update of jelly bean... So my biggest mistake was trying to install TWRP 2.6 while not unlocked after the first reboot the phone was stucked. What can I do? My device respond to fastboot devices and fastboot boot recovery.stock.img boots the phone into stock recovery then I have access to adb but not rooted I did adb push to /system/media to the stock WWE zip updatre file but still... the device reboot with the same Invalid Kernel message! Is there any option to unlock the bootloader with a file like in HTC case fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin??? Please help me!! - 12:00PM ISRAEL - OK Thanks for you're reading I got a solution!!! Download Superboot R1 http://loadbalancing.modaco.com/download.php?file=r1-padfone2-superboot.zip Unzip superboot to a folder Then just download a stock kernel for your own version into that same folder (the file will be named after downloading "stockkernel.img") http://www.modaco.com/topic/361916-kernel-stone-custom-kernel-for-pf2-ocuvetc/ Go to install-superboot-windows.bat on windows machine of course! Right click on it edit then change from: fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x0b05 boot boot.superboot.img to: fastboot-windows.exe -i 0x0b05 boot stockkernel.img Then save the changes and close the window. Double click install-superboot-windows.bat to launch it when your padfone 2 is connected to the PC and turned on to "The Invalid Kernel screen of Death" The device will reboot itself and start up like nothing happens but in my case I already did factory reset and flashed it back from stock recovery once before... Have a nice day I hope you could pin that post or rewrite it better to explain to so many people how to revert back after making an horrible mistake like replacing stock recovery while you didn't actually unlocked the bootloader properly!
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