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  1. I told about the programs used to somebody told me what settings disable (maybe 3d or swap) or other functions are not used to my programs. best battery life rom for me is fusionx reborn(6 days without charging, calls 15-20 min per day, 1-2h poweramp music via BT handsat, and 20~ min per day social program and browser) but cm10.1 by fonz fastest and more stable and i love this:) ps. sorry for my english:(
  2. hello! i try all rom for y300 and this rom best speed and stable, but i have one question - how to maximize battery life? i use only programs(es explorer,vkontakte, poweramp,opera, uc browser, gmail,quickpic,fb reader, google maps,sense v2 flip clock and fleksy keyboard) my launcher is nova and for battery life i use greenfy, startup manager, wakelock detector and clean master, please give me some advice for maximize battery life! i not play games and not watch video. thanks! ps. sorry for my english.
  3. SlimKat supported yet themes of cyanogenmod 11?
  4. How to remove vibration on lockscreen?
  5. I did not find this addon, it is embedded in the rom
  6. please! add brightness slider(SlimStock style) zip addon. thx!
  7. yes! this work! big thanks! this best rom for me.

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