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  1. Rear camera and flash isn't work in MIUI :'( With Defroost kernel these working but the screen is terrible milky, and bad ram usage.... Please, pleaase fix it! (Stock kernel)
  2. Why isn't Adreno_config.txt in cm10? I want msaa for games...
  3. Unfortunately, i don't understand porting... Sory for ny bad english
  4. Can someone port ICS or CM9 from g330? Please... :(
  5. Kösz, szerintem egy xperia AP lesz a vége:D jópár hónap múlva... addig is kéne egy cm7.... :(
  6. Az lehet, de többször nem próbálkozik, félek. Ha telik majd rá, veszek 1gb ramos telefont. Vagy bele forrasztani stb. Nem lehet? Tudom, hülye kérdés...
  7. Én egyszer használtam swap partíciót és szervizbe kellett vinni. Kék képernyő, a recovery is meghalt, updare-et nem rakta fel. Szerintem ne használjon senki swap-ot. I used swap partition and the phone was dead. The phone is repaired in service. No recovery, cannot update. Only Blue screen. Do not use swap.
  8. I think we will not have any 2.3.x rom :( Other thing: the video framerate drops ~5fps in low-light or higher exposure. Why, and how to fix this? Sorry for my bad english, i'm hungarian
  9. Hey please answer my question... Canon someone make 2.3.x GB or cm7 port?
  10. Hello everyone! Can someone make a backport to 2.3? My alcatel 990 has cm7 and only eats 40mb ram!! and 360mb free!! the 2.3 has a lot of better ram usage...

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