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  1. you actually think lollipop will increase performance? No one says you cant dream.
  2. I dont know who can use kk on this phone. Laggy...... Dumped my g300 and bought a s3 neo with Lollipop.
  3. Why not gingerbread or jellybean? BTW IS this thing fast?(The UI) Does calling work? What about USB storage? It doesnt work at all? I would really like to try this because i am just bored of gb (anything beyond gb is complete s*** in performance). The main things that keep me away from this is USB storage and Youtube HQ videos.
  4. How the hell do you know that you installed both cwm and twrp if it just stays on the boot logo? Logic..
  5. Is there any games you can play? This looks awsome. BTW how to go back to android?
  6. You wrote that in Patch3c(or b?) you added some of your scripts. Will Init.d enable right away when I flash your patch?
  7. What rom you would recommend this or Super slim 7? This problematic scripts made me confused. BTW, is getting ICS recent apps on GB possible? I want to close the apps that i dont use anymore because it just stays running in the background
  8. DA BOOOOOOOOOMB - 5060 Antutu score with 1260mhz smartassv2 and sio I/O and some tweaks. Finally.
  9. LOL I am at 1267Mhz and running for a week now. No overheating even when gaming a lot. And it's not just antutu. I see a big difference in general performance. On 1300Mhz the apps open blazingly fast.. But i have time for like 20 secs before the reboot.
  10. No man i don't say that its the tweaks fault. What do you mean risky? I find it completely safe. Battery is ok.The stock 1008Mhz are kinda slow for me. But going to sgs3 so woohoo.
  11. Oc'ing on ics (sgs3 rom) from 1008Ghz to 1267Ghz is a 800 score improvment for me. If i only could go higher withou random reboots :P
  12. Is it hard to edit the kernel? I really want to get all out of that phone. Max stable for me is 1.267GHz, i would like to push more and see where its stable.
  13. So all the custom kernels for g300 have 1.3ghz clock speed(ouch,omegamoon,,,) But it causes random reboots right after you apply the clock speed. Maybe somebody could try - 1300mhz, and no more - omegamoon 1306mhz, i would really like a stable kernel. 1.3ghz is blastingly fast (i can open a few apps before the reboot starts) antutu - 3-4 secs to start completely. Amazing.
  14. "PORTING" is just replacing the system files. Even if you get it to boot it will have a lot of bugs. Don't waste your time.
  15. No there is no workaround. You can't install ics/jb/kk apps on gb. There's no way around it.
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