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  1. Dennizz, zou je mij een plezier kunnen doen? (ik ga er van uit dat je telefoon nog werkt, of doet hij niks meer?) misschien krijg jij die spaanse rom wel aan de gang. Anyways, als je een standaard rom (g510-0100) aan de gang krijgt...zou je dit voor me kunnen doen: // Using terminal emul su cat /proc/partitions And you will get list of all partitions on your phone. Than you can dump on sd card files that you want by next command example dd if=/dev/block/mmcblk0p6 of=/sdcard/p6.img en dan met de bestanden mmcblk0p7 ​mmcblk0p7 ​mmcblk0p11 ​mmcblk0p14 ? Misschien krijg ik daarmee mijn sim kaart weer aan de gang...
  2. Ok im home now. I'm downloading the 0200 rom (because that downloads faster, rapidshare = 25kbps...). I'll set up my pc with required programs and drivers etc and find out about the 2 .img files. I'll edit the post in a few minutes :)
  3. Sorry I didnt reply shortly, was too busy with school... Ok, so i downloaded the zip in your post (bin and lib files), and here's the issue. IF I flash the working files from my rom to the rom not working properly (CM+ other customs), mostly for CM...I will make a dual sim rom for something that doesnt support dual sim as of yet. Im kind of aunctious to test it, but hey ho, lets just do it anyway. Ill re-download the brazillian rom and flash it. see where that takes me, i got a backup of working chinese firmware so cant go wrong with it. :) I'll report back in later! thanks for the kind advices man, appreciate it.
  4. Dont be sorry man, you gave me a load of good ideas to try out, and I'll try then all to see if I can fix my phone
  5. Not really, but I have a question.. If I find the p6 and p7 .img files in the update.app, how do I know which one is which? Compare them with notepad ++ I dont want to flash the wrong img on my phone
  6. Well thats my issue The only rom that has a workijg sim slot for me is the chinese 0010 firmware. All other roms disable my sim card
  7. Well yes I have got it working, but its still multisim...and i have single sim. Ik at school now, so i cant look into the img files right now. Ill extract the 0251 update app when i get back home. Would it be safe to just replace those 2 img files with the ones in my system now?
  8. I actually think its a nice idea! thanks. I believe the difference between 0010 and 0251 was that 0251 was specificly made for vietnamese/phillipines/rest of asia. Ill find one and flash the EU baseband over it. But, I'm not sure that it's going to improve it, since I think that 0251 is also dual sim...Btw, about phone tells me my baseband is 2030...can you confirm that? that version number doesnt change, even if I flash another baseband, so i suppose its ok. At least for now I have my sim card back. thank you again for all your help!! I have found a spanish 0100 B171 rom :) I'll download that later today and see how it goes. I think that is the same rom as provided in Holland, at least that gets closer to the goal. I can unpack that one and compare the p6 and p7 .img files. Edit: tried downloading it really quick, but the download is capped at 20 kbp/s for me....8 hours remaining...
  9. Ok I extracted both p6 and p7. Now, when opening p6 with notepad++, i get alot of numbers, [nul] value, etc....nothing unexpected. but when im opening p7.img, i get a single line of [nul] [nul] and so on. 4096 kbit of 0 data....seems odd to me
  10. Ok I will compare them. Can I just open the .img files with notepad++? :S I have found the terminal command to flash that block already :) found it at another forum from someone who restored his DMR (sony stuff i believe) by doing the same thing,..
  11. Im quite new to the terminal, but I'll try it. I am now on the chinese firmware. Just rooted, debloated, and tweaked it to my liking. Which files do i need to compare? those dumps from both CM and the chinese rom? yes i used the sdcard/dload/update.app So, i have acces to the chinese firmware dumps. How can i get the b171 files, because i cant get another system working on the phone as of now... your english is perfectly fine dont worry :)
  12. I'm confused. Literally ALL over the forums, there is an indication that the first logo you get to see (which is that white orange picture for me) is the kernel logo. There are ways to change this image by modding the boot.img. Now; If that's the case, that would mean the boot.img is not correctly installing from the 3+ custom roms i've tried to install. That could mean a corrupt zip file. Thats not likely because everyone else can use it properly. Thus meaning that there is a kernel related problem with my device. Either the mount name has changed or the system doesnt hook on to the kernel correctly. fairly simple right? Then comes this: How is it then possible for me to flash CM10.2 (android 4.3.2) without issues. I suppose that boot.img is CM specific (since its based on other sources and not 4.1.1 update.apps). If that's the case, it means that the kernel is flashing. Now im confused. My understanding is that there are some parts left out from the kernel that are still present in the phone, even when flashing custom roms etc that make the sim card malfunction... that is for the boot logo...now here's this again... I made a CWM zip containing ALL .img files from the chinese firmware (boot,cust,recovery,baseband), except system.img.,, when booting this rom, the sim also doesnt work =D
  13. Hm, I looked it up, and I get the exact same messa I checked it, and I'm getting the exact same thing as you posted... This is the filename of the .zip that messed it all up 华为Ascend_G510固件( G510-0010%2CAndroid_4.1%2CEmotion_UI%2CV100R001C17B182%2C中国联通,05011EUB) That is the chinese 510-0010b182 update.app
  14. well i had a netherlands one. b171 if i remember correctly (the stock rom that came out of the box). I have changed the build.prop to match to a version that SHOULD be upgradable, but that doesnt work... the only issue i have with this chinese firmware is that I cant use my sim card on custom roms, and the original firmware is dual sim...and i only have 1 slot.
  15. so far I havent flashed anything else. Right now im on the firmware you gave me (the cwm flashable zip i made from the .app). Im still stuck without a sim card, but if I only use the system.img from 0100 and use all others from 0010, i can at least narrow down the problem. ill wait

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