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  1. Yep, due to is odexed! but just a bit no big deal
  2. Lag in games is caused by the lowmemorykiller settings... I set kernel default values and now my games are running how they should!
  3. Can you share your repack of CM11's Kernel??
  4. No se que quieres demostrar pero es bastante obvio que has editado la imagen del resultado de AnTuTu Benchmark...
  5. That isn't possible with HwToolBox... the workaround would be to add Lidroid Toggle but I have not enough time to make something like that, at least for now.
  6. You're welcome! ^_^ Hey, do it works in Fusion X?? This is for Stock Rom... :huh:
  7. Sure, by editing SystemUI.apk (/res/layout/quickpanel*.xml) Which order of icons you suggest? No. are same imho. Thanks! :)
  8. http://www.modaco.com/topic/372544-mod-stock-huawei-status-bar/
  9. SystemUI.apk (Editable) Huawei stuff can't be modified through apktool but fortunately I found an editable SystemUI.apk; I do not know where that file came but it was posted by @m80dv an that time. Feel free of use any of my mods in your Roms, however give me proper credits, Thanks! ;) Download! SystemUI_base.zip
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