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  1. not function :( clear data and cache but still fail do not ask for a pin code..... ???
  2. http://www.engadget.com/2014/02/23/hands-on-huawei-first-firefox-os-phone-y300/
  3. has some bugs yet altough this will be fine os for us ;)
  4. Amazing!!!!! :) :) :) :) Amazing fast!!!!! and beautiful!!!! ThANKS Maaaanssss!!!! :D :D :D :D :D
  5. with 0.61 CeXstel kernel i have usb mass storage connected but not function the video playing :excl: :huh: when i put the original kernel everything is good, but i don't have usb mass storage???!!! :blush: :D
  6. After 3 days still function phone Awesome!!!!! Unbelievable!!!
  7. Because you must reboot to recovery after you maked wipe system,data,cache, and custom drives when you wipe these the phone still use, or sense root permission therefore must you reboot once in recovery and now could install without fails!!! then install lewacall fix and wipe dalvik cache and reboot system and voala, enjoy it!!!
  8. Battery usage not so much use,some calling and email reading within 2 days
  9. Hi guys I use this ROM few days ago, and now this is the best ROM for my y300 Everything is work, has Hungary keyboard(thanks) Good appearance and smooth use Battery usage the best of all!!!! Thanks guys!!! Amazing ROM!!!
  10. how enable root? ok at the moment i changed only tha applications and that is function!!! :D good work!!!
  11. awesome good rom!!! :D only one fail is battery drain thank you for your good work :) ;) :P :D :wub:
  12. when wipe data,system,cache.....then must reboot to recovery and now flashing rom because earlier has root acces :D
  13. lewa rom is running good but no so smoothly. 2g/3g data is function and full HWA :D ;)
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