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  1. other question.. to come back to the default configuration, how we can do ? fo exemple in order to not have second shutdown screen ? or... can we return back to the MS screens ?
  2. it works perfectly on the Qtec ROM... but... between the carrier screen and the startup screen I have a long, long, long blank ! is that normal ? and if I don't precise any file for the ShutDown screen 2, the soft automatically put the image I choose as StartUp screen 2 !!!
  3. hi all ! why there is Boot Screnn 1 and 2 ? and the same for ShutDown Screen ?
  4. huh :? on this page links are down now... so it is impossible to download anything... it is why I ask for mirrors or for a sympatic guy who can mail them :)
  5. Argggggggg ... links are down right now ! :cry: someone know a mirror where we can DL them pleazzzzzz ? :)
  6. Anasazi

    Qtek ROM

    Hi all... in France it seems we have some problems with this new ROM : when coming back from Qtek ROM to Orange ROM, nobody has network ! :? is it the same for you ? and what is this problem with sms ? are u sure that you have correctly parameter the sms center number ?
  7. Anasazi

    Outlook Contact Reformatter

    Hi Paul ... here a poor french guy who will love ur soft... if it reformats his contacts wih the franch international ID that is +33 ehe :D thank u !!!

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