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  1. LeeWillRockYou

    Wireless Charging Receiver

    Good point about the curved back, never thought of that.
  2. LeeWillRockYou

    Wireless Charging Receiver

    If you look, there is a small gap between the USB connection socket and the back shell, enough to slip the small wire through I bet.q
  3. Breaking news: Winter brings wintery weather.

  4. LeeWillRockYou

    Wireless Charging Receiver

    I was thinking of buying this - http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Universal-QI-Wireless-Charging-Charger-Receiver-Pad-Coil-for-micro-USB-mobile-Free-Shipping/1491470655.html Has anyone else tried it or anything similar?
  5. LeeWillRockYou

    Removed battery now phone won't respond.

    Because I don't really know what I'm doing ^_^
  6. LeeWillRockYou

    Removed battery now phone won't respond.

    To update: I returned my phone to the Huawei repair centre (at my own cost of about £4) and received it back exactly a week later with a new board inside. After a few days I'm reminded again of how sluggish it can be and I'm tempted to root it once again but I'm not sure I dare now :( I just can't stand the delay when I click an app, especially after now owning a Nexus 7 for a few weeks :/
  7. RT @ajp29: Everyone is trying to make me go to the seaside #PierPressure

  8. LeeWillRockYou

    Removed battery now phone won't respond.

    Sweet! Thank you :)
  9. LeeWillRockYou

    Removed battery now phone won't respond.

    I've just received a reply from Huawei who have told me to "give it a good charge for 8 hours" and if I still have an issue, to call their hotline for a detailed diagnostic and if required book a repair. So does this cost me anything? I'm not sure if I'm still in warranty or not? I'll have to find some records and make sure.
  10. LeeWillRockYou

    Removed battery now phone won't respond.

    Thanks for the hope, I will not give up for a few days tinkering about with it anyway. Thanks for your replies too.
  11. LeeWillRockYou

    Removed battery now phone won't respond.

    Thanks for the welcome. I have tried every combination of battery in/out, laptop/mains charging. It's currently being left in the mains, hoping that it will just pop on :/ But the battery is not getting warm and neither is the phone. I just can't understand why removing the battery would kill both the battery and phone (does some sort or write out/ummount have to happen?)
  12. I just rooted my phone and everything went fine but whilst the back was still off (after having to remove the battery for 10/15 secs) the battery fell out, whilst the phone was still on and when I put the battery back in, the phone won't boot back up. Is there any hope, have I fused something or scrambled the battery's chips? I'm not sure what it could be? There is no charging light from either the laptop or mains charger. The only response I get it when I disconnect the phone or the battery from the laptop, the laptop recognises that something has been removed (makes the notification sound). The phone worked perfectly before albeit a little slow, wish I never bothered tinkering now. :unsure:
  13. Just noticed that 4seven is on channel number 47 #mindblown


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