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  1. I have had this rom for 2 days now and it works flawlessly :D. Im also using TWRP without the ext fix and i have no problems with corruption or mounting. And only 2 random reboots much better than cyanogenmod 10 or 10.1 :)
  2. Yea the reboots are getting bad i can barly get past the homescreen after updating
  3. Not sure about gaming as i dont really play 3D games on this phone. also the random reboots are getting worse with the new build.
  4. The camera & torch is working now in the new build thanks joestone btw video recording is working great and i noticed everything is smoother.
  5. sorry for double post. this is a really noobie question. Where do i download the kernel?
  6. no i just upgraded from cm10 its nothing to do with my phone, just flashing the boot.img Edit: still not working :( any other reasons why.
  7. but i unlocked the bootloader before rooting so thats not the issue. il try the roms kernel.
  8. I installed This rom on my phone and i have 2 bugs. 1.camera dosent work at all all i get is (cannot connect to camera) and (not responding) 2.torch dosent work at all it says it's on but the led dosent light up could this be caused by my kernal, im using TWRP. or is this just the rom.
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