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  1. I have two problems, the first is that sometimes system ui stop working and the phone stucks for 20-30 seconds, the second is that when i receive a call it takes 2-3 second after vibration starts to show the dialer. Anyone know how to solve these problem?
  2. Does this rom has the black screen delay when someone call? it's a really annoying problem
  3. Mods and scripts can all be installed at the same time? no conflict?
  4. I found three problems:(I use the version with stock kernel, full wipes before installation, Huawei y300-0100) 1) when i connect headphones, they work, but there isn't the icon on the top right corner 2)if power cable is connected, and the phone is turned off, if you try to turn it on, it stucks on boot logo. No problem when power cable is disconnected. 3)reboot not working Thanks for this work
  5. I have already installed twrp on my huawei y300, but i'm waiting for because it doesn't work properly(wipe), the procedure is the same as the one for the first installation?
  6. I have this problem too, black screen when i make a wipe edit:wipe doesn't work
  7. For y300, which is the best between this, and the one based on b199?
  8. It's good to know this :) which gapps are you using now? and, do you use a swap partition? :)
  9. Thanks for your opinion, i've been following this thread since the start-up of this project, but recently i read that dazzozo took a break from developing, so I was wondering if the rom became unstable :)
  10. The sim problem is g330 specific? I have got a y300 and I'm going to flash cm11 in a few days/weeks, it depends on when it'll come back from warranty and i would like to know if this rom is stable for daily use
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