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  1. Been downloading this just yesterday from HTCmania, just didn't have the time to try it out yet. Seems like a good alternative to ShockeyCzTs repack without having to remove the bloat. Will give it a try ASAP.
  2. Thanks for the quick answer. Going to give it a try, then. BTW, I know it's off topic here, but since you're using nova - is there any way you know of saving a background image with it's position? I'm tired of always selecting the needed image and adjusting it.
  3. Is it better in battery life and/or performance than the good old Lunatic Pandora 4.1? Up to now I personally couldn't find anything that matches battery on that one.
  4. It's getting really tiresome to come back to this thread, hoping to discuss technical details, and only reading about Daz being dead or not. So stop spamming. If you want regular updates working fine and without problems, you can always switch to a certain company I believe is named after some fruit. This thread is about error and functionality discussion.
  5. I was able to copy a file there, so it must be working.
  6. Strange, tried again with Root Explorer, system is writable, mounted rw without problem. Could be app related, TotalCommander still does not work.
  7. I'm sorry, I misunderstood you there. Confirmed, system won't mount rw, tried with root explorer and TotalCommander.
  8. Romttolbox seems not to be fully compatible with Androis 4.3 yet, so I would suggest installing the zip simply via recovery.
  9. Battery drain seems to be gone since 27.10 nightly, even better than stock for me now. Had no random reboots since 26 nightly, everything works rather smoothly.
  10. Tried to install this release three times now. Flashing works fine (after wiping data, cache and dalvik). When starting, I get force close of android keyboard (AOSP) every other second. Unable to enter anything, keyoard refusess to start. Anyone else here got a similar problem, or ideally, a solution? Flashed the 21.10. version. TIA, wb
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