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  1. If 5.2 worked perfectly , why bother upgrading to 5.4 ? I'm still using 4.8 and have no problems.
  2. For me....games run better on kitkat . I play Hay Day a lot and on kitkat it runs smooth on higher resolution than on JB. I don't get why you complaining...
  3. Even with kitkat , your exprience won't be butter smooth , mainly because of the low ram . I'm currently using Slimkat 4.8 and it's fine in terms of stability and performance.
  4. I don't seem to have this bug on slimkat . Maybe it's your cpu governor , I use interactive.
  5. Is it worth upgrading to 4.9 ? I'm currently running 4.8 for a couple a days now and everything is fine and dandy.
  6. Well , this is the first time I see wifi first. It used around 30% of my battery over night.
  7. How are the random reboots with this rom ? Are there any ?
  8. Oh please, but please tell us more how that little thing ruins your day.
  9. Stock roms sound is horrible , try using CM10.1 , the speaker sounds a lot better.
  10. CM10 and CM10.1 are bugfree... and stock roms are laggy since it doesn't have full hwa
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