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  1. Just updated from CM 10.2 to CM 11 with TWRP and now my internal storage is read only and many apps don't work.
  2. I'm still getting black screen when I try to fix premissions on Also internal memory is now read only
  3. so to go from 2.6.x.x to the latest I just flash it over from TWRP?
  4. Whar's the deal with WIFI on the Y300? I have a 30Mbs down and 10Mbs up connection at home but when I put the phone next to the router and run a speedtest it gives me only 10Mbs down and 10Mbs up, why it's wifi so limited? That's not even the G standard.
  5. Using CM10.2 on Y300, with lg camera app, can't record for longer then 8min and 30sec even if I have 10+ GB of free space. Any ideas how to remove this limit?
  6. I had the same exact problem when flashing this rom with cwm, after I flashed it with twrp all worked fine.
  7. I se no point for stopping the nightly builds, they are automatic and done by the CM team, why would you want to take this away from us?
  8. Oh cmon, dropping this forever? :( It's gona take months for CyanogenMod 11 to come out.. And one does not simply go back to stock from CyanogenMod
  9. It has nothing to do with volume, it's the tone frequency
  10. Call audio quality is much much worse then on stock rom for y300, like there is no bass at all. PS such a high tone hurts my ear when talking for longer then 10mins Battery is better then on stock rom for me.
  11. Hmm I restored some wifi acess points using titanuim backup and now I can't even turn wifi on, any way to undo this and reset the whole wifi without resseting the whole rom? thnx
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