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  1. AngeloCruz

    ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    Already found what country and network it is from : Poland Plus network If anyone have it i would be very thankful.
  2. AngeloCruz

    ZTE Blade III stock ROMs

    I am looking for this version stock rom : P772N10_PLUSV1.0.0B02 or ealier version. Anyone have it or know where i can find it? I don´t have a clue of what country or network is it from.
  3. AngeloCruz


    Thank you a lot!!! All done ;)
  4. AngeloCruz


    Thank you both for the fast reply . Aleksandar069 could you please upload it?
  5. AngeloCruz


    Sorry for the PM´s. Yes i have the drivers installed , it shows as ZTE Handset Diagnostic Interface (DFU) (COM10) The DFU tools software version i have it detects the phone " Dload Mode: 76XXU-2040-USNSKOLYM" , the problem it´s i don´t have the check boxes or any text in the left side where i can choose what to flash , like recovery.img , etc... I am using the DFU tools version posted in the beginning of the thread. Already tried im more than 3 pc´s with different OS and languages.
  6. AngeloCruz


    Hi , The first posted DFU tools it´s not working for me , not showing the check boxes or text . Anybody know why or could send me a full working version? Thank you in advance . Regards Angelo Cruz

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