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  1. Hey Comax70, It's still there, but not under the wireless setting:
  2. Hey marby22, All the steps for flashing am Custom-Rom are described in the first post of this topic. Please precise your problems.
  3. Hey, i want to say THANK YOU DAZ! I used this Rom from the beginning on and now i got myself a 16gb Moto G. Now it's time to say goodbye. Once again, Daz, keep going! Do not listen to some guys here complaining in an disrepectful way. You do a great job.
  4. BTW: Hangouts Videocall broken again :( additionaly Hangouts saves photos to internal SD instead of the selected external SD
  5. Why? For the % Display ? If yes: Do you actually read all the answers in this thread before posting? This can be done in the CM Settings without altering lines in the config. READ!
  6. Catlog for Y300-0100 BEFORE failing Google Play Music: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6gNodZhVXAbLWFlZjk0UHNHUGs/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Does anyone know a solution for the reboots when streaming music with the google play music app ?
  8. No he does not: https://twitter.com/Dazzozo/status/421274131511128064
  9. I can see no difference. Maybe iam blind.
  10. Just a little test: Anyone with CM11 on a Y300 with MXPlayer? Just try to listen to a Radio-Video Stream @ rtsp://stream.flash-radio.de:1935/live/flashradio.sdp Do you have Lags or Distortions with this stream using HW+ Accel. ?
  11. Yeah Massy97 you still owe daz an excuse. You said, that daz is the slowest and the baddest dev here.
  12. Kannst du nicht mal einen Tag warten, bis Daz seine neue Festplatte hat ? Unglaublich.
  13. How is this "ok google" thing thought to work? I edited the build.prop file and rebooted. After that i spoke to my phone: "OK GOOGLE, GO badword YOURSELF". It did nothing. I tested that three times. My wife strangely looked at me. For real: Is there something i need to edit more than the build.prop?
  14. Use the stock CM Filemanager and grant Superuser rights. Then save the edited file.
  15. The Camera bug happens to me with dalvik too.
  16. The other Service was com.android.phone. The 20. is broken, yes.
  17. Yes. But this is not "ok google". I can do that on my phone too, Ok google is when your phone mic is ALWAYS Steady.
  18. Did a little research for the ok google command. It seems that this works on nexus 4 and nexus 5 phones. On Nexus 4 with a little handwork to do.
  19. Yes Kripticmc, You voiced your Opinion so much times in this thread and we know it now. Thank you. Don't flame Daz for that what he is doing. Remember: He IS doing it for free. I you want AOSP really bad, maybe you can pay someone to do it.
  20. I read that this only works with the google experience launcher. I tried it too WITH G.E.L but it does not work. I flashed the FULL MODULAR PACKAGE Gapps. So it would be interesting to know how to get ok google voice commands working. Works for me.
  21. It's not what you say, but how you say it. There is difference between bug reporting and just flaming around.

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