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  1. chil360v0.47 compatible with cm11 for the huawei y300?
  2. I'm on the 07/07 nightly with dc chill v44 but feel like the battery drain is quite high. Is that normal?
  3. I had a few reboots a day so decided to install chilkernel360 v45. Now the 'unfortunately, the process com.android.phone has stopped' just won't go away. Is there a known incompatibility issue?
  4. Google play services stopped too and so many other services. I think I have probably flashed it wrong or used the wrong combination of rom and gapps?
  5. GAI4000 thanks for the answer. Well now I have encountered another weird issue 'Unfortunately, the process com.google.process.gapps has stopped' I'm using the gapps on the first page and the rom is 10.2. Something I'm missing here?
  6. I have this annoying reoccurring 'Unfortunately, Android Keyboard(AOSP) has stopped' error, any suggestions of how to get rid of it?
  7. To further extend my question, I was using 10.1 and upgraded to 10.2 now keyboard and system keep on crashing and the phone is pretty much unusable. So I would like to do a clean wipe and install the rom + gapps.
  8. How do I best perform a full wipe, trwp or cwm? And what is the procedure?
  9. I have cleared the the dalvik cached and upgraded from 10.1 to 10.2, everything seems quite nice/polished so far. But I'm not longer unable to connect to the internet via google play store, overall connectivity is established(browsing, etc). I have had a look at a few solutions to this problem but neither seem to work for me, the xda guys suggest modifying the hosts file in the /etc/ but I'm unable to do so due to permission issues even though I have granted full access to 'total commander'. Do I maybe need a specific version of google play store? Any help would be highly appreciated.
  10. Dazzoza...what IDE do you use to develop on? Ever toyed around with Android Studio, if so what are your thoughts?
  11. My phone can no longer charge every since I updated it to the 28th nightly, anyone else having this issue?
  12. Is it just me or is the battery drain immense on the latest nightlies and wifi strength quite weak?
  13. Am I right in assuming that the difference between let's say the 23rd nightly and 25th is not great or am I mistaken here?
  14. Everything worked like a charm. Decent rom, slightly sluggish but I hope as development continues all the minor issues will be ironed out.
  15. Thanks tomtruckie for the swift reply, let me have a go at it and I will report back with the latest findings in a bit.

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