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  1. Looks fantastic. Can I flash this using TWRP or do I have to install another recovery? (using a Y300) How does the speed of this ROM fare against FusionX?
  2. How can I make Tinted Status Bar xposed module work? Right now it has no effect.
  3. Is there a way to alter the transparency of the notification panel without an Xposed module?
  4. Thanks fonz93 :) Sorry to bother you guys again but I have a major problem now... I flashed this ROM a few hours ago but only realised now that mobile data doesn't work! There doesn't seem to be any problem with the APN or network, but when I press the button to activate mobile data, nothing happens and the signal bar stays grey. :( EDIT: Fixed the problem with SimAPN!
  5. How can I toggle fastboot on and off? Been searching for ages...
  6. Speed wise, how does FusionX fare against the stock ROM? I've read it was a very fast ROM, but I don't know if that means faster than stock or just faster than other custom ROMs.
  7. If I install a kitkat Xtheme, will I get 4.4 quick settings?
  8. Hi everybody, I have found that if I rotate the jack plug for my earphones while they are plugged into my phone, Google Voice Search is automatically opened! I was astonished at this but have tried it over and over again and still got the same result (always kept my fingers clear of the screen to make sure I wasn't doing it by accident) Is this normal?... I've searched Google for this but can't find anything on it. Am I the only one?
  9. Will we ever have the proper YouTube app from the Play Store working on this ROM?
  10. Double post sorry :/ please delete this mods
  11. Does R20 have the proper YouTube app from the Play Store working, or do we still have to use the temporary replacement app?
  12. Will we ever have full HWA on this ROM like on stock ROM or FusionX or is that not possible?
  13. Tinted Status Bar for Xposed Framework doesn't seem to work on my phone. XBlast tools works perfectly for changing the status bar colour, but Tinted Status Bar just doesn't do anything... I'm using the stock ROM. Anyone else got this problem? Is there a way to make it work, or an alternative other than XBlast?
  14. Hi all, I wanted to access TWRP, so I switched my phone off and tried to boot into recovery... But to my horror the phone just froze on the startup logo and wouldn't enter TWRP (waited several minutes but nothing happened). I've repeated the same process several times but still getting the same problem. I haven't been messing around with the recovery recently... But it should be noted I erased both the external SD and internal SD on my phone yesterday, so I'm guessing that's the cause of the problem. What should I do? Is TWRP completely gone or is it still there but inaccessible? Will it aggravate the problem if I simply reflash TWRP through fastboot? Thanks so much for your help, happy New Year.
  15. I thought I should do that but wasn't sure if it would damage the phone more. Works perfectly now, thanks!! :D
  16. Could someone post a screenshot of what their notification bar looks like when it's expanded? From what I understand there's a big difference between the settings toggles on CM10 and newer versions. Thanks!
  17. I understand this ROM has a working OTA updater now. Is all your data lost every time you update the ROM or does it get conserved?
  18. Where did you get Adrenaline Engine for the Y300? Can't find it anywhere, all I can find is the one made for Android 2.3.6... :/
  19. Great work! Will there be a transparent status bar in future builds?
  20. What are the bugs on this ROM? I've seen there are often issues with the screen and colours on other versions of CM for the Huawei Y300, does this ROM have a similar problem, and are there any other bugs? I would just like to know both the pros and cons before installing this on my phone.
  21. Just wondering, why is this not listed in the unofficial ports on the Cyanogenmod website? Is it because it's incomplete/unstable, or just because no one has bothered to add it?
  22. I have unlocked my phone's bootloader but not yet taken any other steps. Do I have to install TWRP and root the phone before installing CWM, or is there a way of getting CWM without passing through TWRP? Thanks in advance :)
  23. Looks great, I'll be flashing it sometime next week. Just enquiring though, how is the speed on Cyanogenmod, compared to the stock ROM? I've also read some ROMs can decrease your reception, lowering your call quality and network speed... Has cyanogenmod ever posed any such problems?

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