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  1. Slim6: I could make a final Slim6 (v1.17) build easily enough... I will try and do that tomorrow. LineageOS (Marshmallow): It would be simple to update my device trees to build the rebranded lineage/cm13 so someone could easily take over building. As for Nougat 7.X, I did do some initial development work for cm14 but it doesn't look good. I managed to get it to build (with lots of hardware stuff disabled) but it won't even install. By using an update-binary from cm13, I made a bit more progress but couldn't get it to boot.
  2. With the end of Cyanogenmod, I think it is now time for me to say goodbye. Most people, including me, have now moved on to newer devices. In terms of the hardware support for this device, I have done as much as I can and I am no longer able to fully test any roms I make. So it makes sense to let someone else take over if there is still interest in this device. All of the source code for building my roms are available in my github repos (see the source links in the first post). If someone wants to take over, feel free to PM me for any assistance to get you started. This has been a fun device to work on with a great community. Thanks to all of you that have contributed to making these roms including luca020400, Y300-0100, fonz93, srfarias and many more but especially Dazzozo for his amazing work in creating the initial device trees. Also, a big thank you to those that have donated to me during my time working on this device. Goodbye and Happy New Year!
  3. hey bro, im facing a problem with my phone after flashing this rom link: https://mega.nz/#!PMFWjB4I!TN0f-hS4JWjsRFBievPG3FJY6m8CK-_4PbxTTbYxHD8 and then it failed . I cant even boot my phone nor going to the recovery mod , i think its has been brick. Now i try to recover my phone by using the dload  stuff ( vol up and down + power button) ,and the prob is that  ist now stuck 1/4 of the process and i dont know what to do. I really nede your help man! . It would be a pleasure for me if u could help me

  4. @k3dAR7 I've made a new build of Slim6 for Y300 from the latest sources (Slim6 1.5) and it is available at mega now.
  5. A good start would be to read through the Development section of the Cyanogenmod Wiki here: https://wiki.cyanogenmod.org/w/Development
  6. Basketbuild is currently down so I have uploaded today's build to Mega here: https://mega.nz#F!yFNFCTrK!tS8_Az5zhsAXz4jeamngJg!TclFESjT Also, with Basketbuild being down, you won't get an OTA notification to update to today's build. Once Basketbuild returns, I will upload the roms there too.
  7. For this week's build, I thought I would try building with a different set of toolchains. Previous build have been built with Uber 4.9 for the kernel and stock google 4.9 toolchain for the rom (Using Uber for the rom causes a bootloop). The toolchains used in today's build are BenzoSM Sabermod 4.9 toolchains for both rom and kernel, built by me, and configured specifically for msm7x27a devices (cortex-a5, neon-vfpv4). Let's see if it makes any difference. If anyone else is interested in using these toolchains, I have uploaded them here.
  8. Today's build is delayed. The build failed and I'm still trying to fix it. Update: Should now be fixed. Just started a fresh build.
  9. Switchable Internal/External SD as Primary storage There have been a number of posts here recently about using the external SD card as primary storage, especially as the 'Adoptable' storage feature just doesn't seem to work with problems re-formatting the card. I have wanted to make a way to switch the storage from Settings without reformatting and encrypting for a while (just like we had in our kitkat & lollipop roms) but could not work out a way to do it. I have finally thought of a way to implement this and have added it to this weeks build for you to try out - just toggle the switch from Settings -> Storage & USB and reboot. Please try it out and let me know how it goes. Implementation: For those interested in how I did it... @dmitr posted this zip which installs a boot.img where the SD card entries have been switched in the 'fstab.huawei' file. This works but I would like to be able switch from Settings without having to flash any extra zip files. My approach is to have 2 fstab files, 'fstab.huawei' & 'fstab.huawei.switched' and patch vold to choose between the 2 files when it initializes based on a property that can be toggled from Settings. This seems to work without any side effects. Other approaches I tried worked to switch primary storage but caused problems accessing the cards with MTP. The changes to implement this have been published in my github repos.
  10. I had kind of given up on Slim. Since their 'Slim Zombie' phase (see 'Slim Zombie?' post on https://slimroms.org/), they haven't released any official build for any device and the development has been incredibly slow. But now, they have just started publishing official weekly builds of Slim6 for a few devices - although there's hardly any features added to it yet. I have made a test build for the Y300 but haven't decided if I want to publish it yet. One reason is that I cannot fully test it as I no longer have a correct sized sim card (I now have a Moto G which uses a micro sim). I know I could get an adaptor but I just haven't so far and I don't want damage my micro sim by trying to use it in my Y300. If there is interest, I could publish a build of Slim6 or at least publish the device tree changes so someone else could build & support it.
  11. No, it's not included in today's build. I intended to test it this week but just didn't get the chance. It would help if some more people could test it this week and report back if this does indeed fix the problem. If it does, I will include it in next week's build.
  12. Thanks for sending this - I will try it and see what happens. I have had a look inside and see that you are replacing mpdecision & sensorservice. Replacing mpdecision won't have any effect as the kernel has been configured to use intelliplug instead so mpdecision has been disabled by default. For sensorservice, I would prefer to build from source so if you have the code changes that would be good or is this taken from an old android build?
  13. If you send me what needs to be changed or create a pull request through github then I will test it out and add it to the rom. It would be great to have a proper fix for this issue.
  14. @knoelli Wifi: Try enabling 'Use legacy DHCP client' from Developer Options and rebooting. This can help in some cases to stabilize the wifi connection.
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