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  1. I have a question which kernel use this rom?
  2. Hmm interesting but i think this is not real cm 11! Why? We need CWM for install Android 4.4 roms !!!!
  3. djfnz

    How to install stock ROM

    First flash back the stock recovery! Then flash the stock rom via stock recovery! (Full Wipe / F reset)
  4. If N909 have Miui V6 rom the rom porting is possible! But doesn't have MV6 rom and CWM recovery for N909 yet!
  5. Hungarian translation manual for lewa 5.1! -> http://logout.hu/bejegyzes/indiant/lewa_os_v5_magyar_nyelv_hozzaadasa.html
  6. djfnz

    Different names for the Blade V?

    Cosmote Xplore
  7. djfnz

    Unlock Network ZTE Blade V.

    Type *#0011# in dailer Menu to Open Service Menu. In Service Menu, tap the Soft Menu key, the Left Soft key and Select Back. Now Tap Menu Button again and select Key Input from Options, Tap on the Pop-up, Write 1 and press OK. Tap Menu Button again and select Back, now you are in Main Men of Service Mode. Now Select [1]UMTS from the Menu. Once in UMTS Menu, Tap [1] Debug Screen. In Debug Screen, Tap [6] Phone Control. In Phone Control Menu, Tap [6] Network Lock. In Network Lock Screen, Tap [3] PERSO SHA256 OFF. Tap Menu Button and Select Back again. You will Return back to UMTS Menu. Now Select, [6] NV REBUILD. Tap on [4] Restore Back-up Now Tap On [6] Common. Now Your Phone will Freeze for a Moment or Two, then the Screen will Turn Off and your device will Reboot. Now Put any Other Network SIM to check whether your SIM Lock has been removed or not. Try this! Working with most Qualcomm phones!
  8. djfnz

    Android KitKat on ZTE Blade V

    No chance! Stuck in 4.1.2 Jelly!
  9. You try this : clear play store data's in applaction menu :) If you don't working re-flash gapps or download play store in miui market! :)
  10. In base rom only have two language! Multilang not included! This is not my own rom! I ported only hardware drivers from Blade V! This system is not similar to Touchwiz!!! This is private developed system (AOSP) to MI smartphone dervices! [ MIUI CHINESE ] Please read Czech MIUI forum! http://www.miui.cz/
  11. Try this app after flash ROM -> https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.wanam Select czech! ;)
  12. Where from flash the zip? Internal or External SD? Down the rom again or re-put the zip in your SD Card! Yes first flash the STABLE rom and flash gapps or download google playstore etc.. than you can update to latest rom! :) What is the error message?
  13. First flash KonstaT's CWM Recovery! Then select this -> Install Zip from SD card!

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