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  1. i have this problem right now on the latest build. Im right next to my wifi as well. at another time, if the wifi signal was fair, i would have to make a lot of tries before i get connected
  2. did they increase the time i have to hold down the home button for to see the recent apps menu? when i set it to a single tap with the nova launcher, the menu comes up really fast
  3. where can i get a full stock rom for the y300-151 to enable the hidden menu so i can turn on printing to the logcat? most roms here are for the y300-100. link for reference http://www.modaco.com/topic/355851-ics-found-u8815-b927-rom/page-4#entry1988580
  4. please stop talking about that here. nobody cares
  5. yea, wifi is working. cant answer your other question but i doubt it i turned ART on. after a long boot up, these errors kept popping up on repeat: com.android.systemui has stopped com.android.phone has stopped whatsapp gave an error as well reflashing... :unsure:
  6. installed kitkat with cwm.didnt see much of a speed up from 4.3 but i noticed that i have a lot more free RAM. it was equal to or greater than 200 MB with 5 apps running. the stock browser is really sluggish when scrolling,zooming or typing. installed firefox and didnt notice the same slowdown. took a few pictures with the camera. i cant record videos though. watched a few videos on youtube with the stock browser. they played without any hiccups or green bars off to a good start i would say this is for those who want to switch from twrp to cwm. i used the cwm zip in this sub forum 1. Download cwm.zip 2. Place cwm.zip on your SD Card 3. Boot into TWRP Recovery 4. Tap on Install 5. Find cwm.zip file on your SD card. 6. Slide to Flash 7. Reboot System & Enjoy CWM Again! got the guide from here btw link
  7. does the latest, stable twrp need any modifications before the y300 can use it?
  8. yes, touch worked when i booted up the twrp recovery image. I had cwm on my phone initially, then i used cwm to install the twrp recovery zip from the twrp thread. then i used twrp to install the cyanogenmod and gapps from this thread
  9. I was using cwm recovery. i searched this topic and saw that laxa had the same problem here http://www.modaco.com/topic/365931-jb-431-cyanogenmod-102-rom-all-nightly-builds-available/page-13#entry2167425 i did what he did and got touch working
  10. my Y300's touch screen stopped working after booting this rom. where could i have gone wrong? my buttons are working though. I did a format on all the options from the mount menu

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