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  1. How can i manually update my baseband from 109808 to the newest 2030 ? Thank you.
  2. I would like you to help me with 2 rom comparisons based on how snappy they are and how much rom do they need. 1. Stock B952 Worldwide CWM Repack vs CM9 4.0.4 2. Wich is the most ideal CM rom (ICS and above) for the Ascend g300 ---I have a problem with CM9 4.0.4: I cannot transfer my apps to SD Card-- *My theme is overall the responsivness. Thanks for your help
  3. Only with this rom I cannot transfer apps to SD card.. is there a way to fix that? I have installed it with all the proper wipes
  4. Can somebody help my by posting a working link for the official Ics rom of the following zip? http://huaweig300.com/huawei-g300-install-a-custom-jelly-bean-ics-rom-from-scratch/install-the-custom-rom/ I want to flash it with CWM Recovery
  5. I would like to ask which rom which is better, which would you recommend to flash?
  6. I think that with GBxtreme is not as fast as the first time when I bought the phone.. I think also that it should have been a gbxtreme update released.. Looking for Speed and Stability! For that reason I don't want to flash an ICS rom again! :)
  7. I am rooted and have a custom gb rom flashed. My recovery is CMW Can you help me, how to flash the latest official stock gb rom from Huawei?? Thank you! **Found that! Is it ok to flash the latest one with CWM Recovery?
  8. I would like to ask, when will the new update gonna be released.. Thanks
  9. MeijaICS-tweak-P1NotBarv2.zip not found. Cannot download that add-on. Please fix it.
  10. Since I flashed this rom, any other custom rom (for example CWM) cannot be flashed.. Can you help me with that? Thanks ----Problem Solved-----
  11. Hello, yesterday I flashed the GB slim v7 custom rom . I tried then to flash this one (jb 4.3.1). But it stops installing this one and says "Aborted". I am new and I don't know the reason, what occurs the problem. I would like to flash this rom. (I think that there's maybe a problem with the kernel of the GB Slim v7 rom: kra1o5 Ouch kernel). I have the CWM Recovery R8 By Dazzozo. Thank you **Espiecially says: assert failed: getprop("ro.product.service")=="u8815" ........ E:Error in /storage/sdcard1/xxx.zip (Status 7) Installation aborted 1.i boot in the recovery cwm 2.wipe dat/factory reset 3.format /system 4.wipe cache partition 5.wipe dalvik cache 6.install zip Is this the right order?
  12. I' m afraid of risking it... if there's something wrong could i have a bricked phone? Thank you.
  13. Thanks for your answers! Dalyer(one question: I have neither bought the phone from Vodafone, nor having a Vodafone SIM-Card in it(it didn't have also preinstalled apps from Vodafone). To continue with the .zip file should I have bought it from Vodafone?) I have downloaded to .zip file and in the manual it says "if you have a different version do not attempt to install the update " ** It is only for b936 and b937
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