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  1. Swap is working for the first time as of yesterday , Type free in to a terminal emulator. work done by Daz check his Github page , THANKS Daz I know you are watching ,No more STUPID questions !
  2. Did not mean to create an argument . It does not have eu baseband . I,ve fiashed probably every rom available.had my phone more than nine months .Ivi used chinese y300 0000 roms etc ,imei hacked changed libs ,changed baseband etc , I was not complaining . dont take life so serious , Its only a hobby , not life or death .BE HAPPY ,STAY SAFE .
  3. No signal / network on uk y300 0100 works OK though .
  4. use gooogle search b190 firmware . it will give you a link to a german website ,androlife.de they have a large selection , or search for mr download on gsm forum i dont have your version, all mine are for unbranded phones. I hope this helps. try b182 !!!
  5. Same happened to me in august I used b189 firmware to recover my phone I have a collection of factory update app from b166 all the way up to b199 .i can probably send you the correct firmware, but you need to know which one that you need.
  6. its an open source g510 kernel development pack DONT install on your phone , you WILL BRICK it.
  7. use modular pa 13.12. mini gapps never had a reboot from day one. i,m also UK shame dazz has left , probably sick of "developers" ripping off his work , messing about with it, AND then having the bare faced cheek to complain .Sad to see you leave Dazz ,All the best .
  8. I.m using it at the moment , Seems ok , but i dont do gaming etc, too old , just bin the chinese apps .
  9. MY phone came with this from factory in august is ok !!!!
  10. you need your original baseband . you need to flash a stock rom again . check out pandawill forum your phone is chinease unicom version . hope this is helpfull .
  11. webview fixed Daz YOU ARE THE MAN among the so called "developers" YOU are the developer ! cheers man!

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