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  1. mrwhitelabel

    Zte blade v case

    This EU site, seems to have them, and some rubber ones. not tried them though has anyone else ? http://docteur-gsm.com/en/zte-blade-v/163447-zte-blade-v-flip-leather-case.html all accessories http://docteur-gsm.com/en/9188-zte-blade-v
  2. mrwhitelabel

    [How To] Swapping the internal and external SD cards

    WOOP success Thanks to those drivers Ive managed to install cwm and reverse that error so now the card is back to normal.... for the moment dare i try again....
  3. mrwhitelabel

    [How To] Swapping the internal and external SD cards

    Ok I'm kind of stucki don't have cwm installed. ive got usb drivers and sdk tools, When I connect with it and turn on windows recognises if I try adb reboot bootloader , phone rebooots correctly, windows then asks for drivers again and doesnt recognise the ones that I have and wont let me install them.... Ive tried a stock recovery but can't get anywhere. I can make / receive calls but no ring tone, everything else shuts down as soon as I open it. If I roll back to v 2 stock then back to 2.1 ? All help appreciated
  4. mrwhitelabel

    [How To] Swapping the internal and external SD cards

    Hi Ive also got this issue, BUT despite renaming the original, im unable to access nearly any app before the media error kicks in and shuts it, so I cant access root browser to get at it and its not even showing the sd card from what i can tell before settings get shut too. Ive done a full system restore and its not helped, admittedly it wasnt done on a fresh phone first, as I the above post hadn't been added at that time.... any other suggestions as how I can get around this kind of bricked phone ?!

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