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  1. Just installed R18 - all good! A lot of HD video that the player refused to play before are now playing well... I have been using many ROMs but I always come back to this one as it is the fastest and most stable CM available for this device. It just work! The only remaining issues as far as I know are: 1. Videos are somewhat pixelated 2. Message notification led blinking prevent the phone from going in deep sleep 3. Blutooth when enabled, will also prevent the phone from going in deep sleep - even if there are no active blutooth connection. Go for it!
  2. Also running cm 10.1 with this kernel (0.45 version) with no issue. . .
  3. In my area on 3G network I get: Ping = 120ms Download = 2.5 mbps Upload = 1.0 mbps On average ...
  4. Same happened to me (and others) when using CWM; apps would sometime disappear after a reboot or reboot would hang. Switching to TWRP completely solves this problem.
  5. As I had a lot of inquiries I re-enabled the above share for those who would like to download the backup. Please hurry as I will not keep it forever... I need the space for other stuff. To all those that download the ROM please reply here to le me know you actually got it all right,
  6. Battery's OK... I guess could always be better isn't it? Go for it! I believe it is the best all-around ROM available for our device at this time.
  7. To wake the phone using the volume button: -> System Settings/Display/Volume Rocker RAM use is quite good comparable to stock
  8. Here is a link to a ClockWorkMod backup I made for Bell's y300-0151 firmware: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_mONZtFfAM0VUxXSXdvWGFUOE0/edit?usp=sharing Please tell me once you completed your download so I can remove the file it does take some space...
  9. I also have a y300-0151 and I used both cm 10.1 and cm 10.2 without problem. As explained above just make sure to make a backup of your stock ROM to your sd card. I also recommend that you copy that backup somewhere else (on a PC for instance) in case something happens to your sd card... Installing a custom recovery and cm will not mess up your frequency table. If you were to flash the wrong official firmware (those distributed by Huawei for the 0000 and 0100 variant) then it is another story as this would definitively mess up your frequency table. As far as I know Huawei do not distribute the 0151 specific firmware to the public... so beware! Just make sure to have that backup... Good luck!
  10. There is also an issue with blutooth : when it is turned on it will prevent the phone from going in deep sleep even if there is no active blutooth connection... This causes additional battery drain.
  11. Using R14 when blutooth is turned on it prevents the phone from going into deep sleep even if there is no active blutooth connection. Anyone else experiencing this? And is there any fix available?
  12. R13 also gives me the problem with the cell network it says no service but is connected but APNs do not appear in network settings and I cannot send/receive data or navigate the Internet over the cell network. R12 did not have this problem.... Edit: I reflashed R12 and I can confirm that the APNs are now again visible in the APN settings and I can connect to Internet. But there is still a problem here: if I try to explicitly choose a network in "Available Networks" search result, It will always fail to connect... I can only connect to the preferred via "Choose automatically". This is a serious problem if roaming as the automatically selected network may not always be the cheapest....!!! Thanks for this great ROM it is almost there !
  13. I also could not play some .mp4 files also likely because of the disabled HW acceleration for video. Kra1o5 do you think you will be able to fix this problem??? Thanks

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