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  1. Oh no, please base on CM. There are a lot features in CM i would miss
  2. BUT he start this and then quit after some days. Leaving the development unfinished with some bugs. Thats not very likely.
  3. Last commit was on 27th and was not related to Y300. And again: you can do a BUILD 100% automaticaly AND share them with zero effort. But if you say 6h CPU time of automatic action is work ... its your opinion.
  4. Did you look at the timestamp of that builds? This is 100% automatic. It is a cron job that starts a script, that executes all steps. 1. Synchronize repository 2. start build process 3. if build successfull, copy build to download location.... Super simple, no magic, but looks awesome for someone who don't know this.
  5. No that is not true. It is an automatically build that gets all changes from CM10.2 repository. So the only changes are from CM 10.2 team. As i see it (look into changelogs) there is now development from Dazzoz since 23.10.2013.
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