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  1. haha,maybe you can find it in Chinese bbs.
  2. sorry to heard that,a new download will be pused soon。
  3. hello My blade friends,I‘m a newbie from china .my English is so poor maybe this is you first time to heard shenduOS(www.shenduos.com)。some thing like miui I make a shenduOS base on KKonstat's device,vendor and kernel。 Android version:4.1.2 the language is Chinese,so,you must change it by youself. thanks. Working: RIL (mobile network & data) Wifi Bluetooth (& bt-tethering) GPS Audio (playback/input/routing/headphones/etc) Hardware acceleration and OpenGL rendering Hardware video decoding & encoding Camera (photos, camcorder & panorama) SD card USB-storage & adb USB-tethering Browser Touchscreen/multi-touch Sensors LEDs Partially working: Project Butter - fake vsync events Not working: Wifi tethering (use an external app, e.g. WiFi Tether for Root Users) FM radio download:https://hotfile.com/dl/253137942/7dd96e5/ShenDu-Blade-v4.1.2-131029.zip.html I must learn english hardly!

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