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  1. RT @9GAG: You are weird I like it

  2. it has been staying in my pocket since i bought it. before i found out it broke, i did nothing unusual with my legs, if you know what i mean. just a normal day and suddenly i find it like this.
  3. I was at school today and had the phone in my pocket. when i pull it out, on the screen there was a big crack, from one side to another of the front panel. first time i thought it was a scratch, but it couldn't be because i take care of it and it was in my pocket, so no external factors. when i look closer, the crack is doubled by another smaller one, benath the glass. therefor, the display works like normal but the touch doesn't respond. again, i did nothing to make the panel break, i just pulled it out of my pocket and found it like that. no shocks or anything like that. tomorrow i want to take my warranty and take a trip to Orange shop to ask them if i can do anything and supposedly how much will it cost(despite the fact that it's still in warranty) if anyone can explain to me why it shattered like that, i'd appreciate. i'll post a few pics in a reply. thanks.
  4. RT @9GAG: adding a period on the end of everything makes it sound sarcastic lol. haha. you're so funny. you're so hot. of course i don…

  5. RT @TheMasterBucks: Actually how about this. For every RT this tweet gets within the next 24 hours, I will bet $1 on Arsenal to win the FA …

  6. is there any method to install this rom without sd card? that includes unlocking the bootloader.
  7. How you changed your battery? A brand new one or just reset it in cwm?
  8. i know that it shuts down before rooting it, but my previous one didn't have this problem. it's a matter of device
  9. is everyone enjoying this rom? can i make the same modifications as i did on the stock one? i am looking forward to try this rom, as my stock one(rooted) suddenly shuts down, for no reason.
  10. @execpwd how you got that 4.4 app drawer + widget separate screen + how you change the icon's size? i use nova launcher and gravity box for the transparency until now. also, which music player you use(looking forward to that widget)
  11. RT @9GAG: its funny bc people think im quiet but im just listening to everyones convos and figuring out ur weaknesses to destroy u later…

  12. on this forum. look through some pages and you will find
  13. they said that they will work as new drivers have been found for the s500
  14. i asked this a while ago. someone said you need a deodexed rom(don't know what that means). i'm also looking forward to this mod, it would be a nice replacement for our ugly dial screen. off: how is the 4.2/kitkat work going on, spacecaker? are those video drivers helping the progress?
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