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  1. I need 510-0100 B170 or B198 Firmware who can help me?
  2. Never comming Lollipop to Old G700 ok. Look at 4 pda . 4.4.4 5 Roms at 4 pda not more Never.
  3. I have the Xperia Z. Bootloader Unlock. In the Last Weeks i have flashing the most Roms on XDA Lollipop Rom Marshmallow Roms. On Yesterday i have Flash the Xperia Firmware 228 and I can't edit my Sd card. I can't delete and copy my Files. I can't delete the Card with Phone. On Pc no Connect. Read Only. Where comes my issue on Sdcard. Who can help me and have an Idea for me. Sorry for my English i hope you know me. SD Fix Tool not works nothing works. What I can is copy the Files on my Pc. But I can't delete on Phone and Formatting on PC. How can read write my Sdcard. With Twrp with repair Filesystem or wipe Micro SD Card failed.
  4. Colleagues there is surely some of you may of cust so normal upload the content / Western Europe please i need urgently for general B958
  5. Who can give me normal/westeurope in Cust ?? In Android-hife the Download Links to the cust folder are Down. I will Restore the Quicktoggles in B958. When i delete Lost and Found and Create the folder normal/westeurope and make a Factory Reset the Quicktoggles not in Status bar. I need the Original normal/westeurope. I hope the g330 User can help me here.
  6. I have a CM11 for this Device. The problem is that can not be operated after starting the Panel and is upside down. I know that it is not possible to create a Cm11 for the G700 or General for mt6589 as Huawei kernel source not releases. There should be at least to use the touch screen but possible. If anyone is interested to help who can download it and work on it. A user of androidhilfe.de has managed this to porten so that you will not start but more also. The CM11 is from Jayjiu GS3 in origin https://mega.co.nz/#!qQxWVYDT!AxKsmSib_T3RXVPixKY5TFbG4BSRd8AbOGEzPJVIUf0
  7. Let yourself con the Invalid Imei not confuse the screenshot. That's just me because I made me the SECRO broken and I always fixed .Dmodem.img exchanged for Sim and that's enough. In Androidhilfe.de are all U00 Rome and had no problems with it. Can you tell me when you find a bug or some Bugs . I have nothing to find bugs.
  8. Install Wipe Data Factory Reset Wipe Dalvik and Cache Install Zip from SD Reboot Ready Gapps Included Rom: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-byFAeXoLcRQnVScmVEMmR0emc/edit?usp=docslist_api Rome has the full UI of stock Android over 5.0. Complete animations. In Apps animations and UI were taken. Animations butter soft. Special features: Density setting, four color accents in the system UI auto-start option Developers Engineermode in both SD Card Battery Icon Mod Clock and Date Mod Ram Bar Recent Apps Recent Apps is not on the Softkeys. The App MiPop have a Button on Screen to change to recent Apps Home and Back. Google Apps Partly 5.0 UI and animation I have Change the modem.img for Sim Working Quelle: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/3464911667 Screenshots
  9. Here the Specs: I have searched almost the whole internet after Rome. I regestriert me in nearly 10 forums. Post to Facebook Google Plus many requests User provided written anywhere private. But nowhere is it exactly these Rome. 3.4.5 WHQ @ server2 # 1 software version V.91.50 UBIFS and Nand flash. Android 4.4.4 .The Device is a full fake It has 16GB memory are but there are only 240MB of internal memory and 18 mb internal SD card. It has almost 1 GB Ram it be but it is 512mb Ram. The Easter Egg is a jelly bean with 4.4.4. I can only find other users who are looking for this Rom but none of this has. At the time I ignored the warning and UBIFS a backup made is faulty and the system was backed up as a folder and not as img. I find only this version V.90.52 just so I'm not satisfied. Here the Buildprop from the Device https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-byFAeXoLcRdk5sUEJLWG1iTGc/edit?usp=docslist_api I haven't more information about the device.
  10. Europe is0100 the newest b198 .Here are the Firmware. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-byFAeXoLcRYnpFcjlmY1Q2WnM/edit?usp=docslist_api This is a b198 Westeurope Channel. And here are the Old Firmware 510-0100 B170 with Nfc. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-byFAeXoLcRVGVvX3VzSVVWTVE/edit?usp=docslist_api
  11. Have you read my post in the other thread of your same question?
  12. The best Roms i have dowload from China and uploade to gdrive
  13. https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B-byFAeXoLcRSjFRNWQ3NzgyUkE/edit?usp=docslist_api Take this Recovery Twrp is better than cwm. I have the b115 u10 and FLASHE the Rome of needrom, romzj and romjd. You have made your firmware modem.img from system / etc / firmware in the China of Rome will overwrite the sim works. Cyanogenmod does not go as Huawei library or the source code for the kernel does not release. No CM slimrom no no no omnirom AOKP. Only Miui lewaos baidurom and other ports of Rome. I've been doing it for months so in Androidhilfe.de. easily. always write the modem.img of us to China over Rome and China remove apps from system / app and from system / vendor / operator. If a Rome China has a super user and a China rootexplorer you need to get you an english speaking. either from the network or gapps bottles fals not to board. then enter the root rootexplorer right and in system / app delete the superuser app. then delete system / Xbin below and in system / bin delete su. then reboot. now with framaroot new rooten and Chinarom has a root management in English. Many good of Rome you'll find when you type in Google Chrome Google.cn and then Google China looking Rome without end. Very easy to edit. Did so with us in the Forum Androidhilfe.de slightly enriched.
  14. Had your phone Vodafone branding? What version was on the purchase? B170, B173, B198. The last update is the B198 if you do not have to charge you down and try that. Or you go back to the B170 if it works for. Here in Germany some problems between versions back and forth have to dloaden.
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