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  1. 1) A rom filled up by junks will be running slow naturally 2) There are some solutions for it 3) AFAIK, no solution.Moreover i8000's camera is much faster than my previous WinMo PDAs. I don't know about palm though 4) (1) 5) I never did like Samsung's message app already 6) Photo Viewer is samsung's program, it's their fault. I've had similar issues with my previous PDAs. Most producers are doing similar mistakes except HTC. HTC is good on that. 7) I find Activesync very usefull and easier, except the one in win7 and vista. 8) (6) 9) (6) 10) no idea
  2. That what I was telling to people Windows Phone 7 will be the end of Windows Mobile era.
  3. You are not able to patch a cooked rom because the "all packages to one" protects roms from extraction If you're using a cooked rom, you'll have to wait your cooker to update his rom.
  4. Recmodding and reversemodding could damage your files (I experienced that before) The steps I followed are the same to the steps mentioned in the first post till the reversing/recmodding step Shell32 and aygshell files are already in module form. Skip reversing/recmodding step then make the changes Rebuild rom, then flash it Thanks a lot guys for the trick
  5. What I see is apple's research and development centre and it shows us how apple develops its products
  6. What you've been doing is a great job, really appreciated :lol: I just created a cab file which I tested on wm6.1, (someone may needs) PS: SamsungToday needs Samsung Clock, Samsung Dialer and may be more samsung stuff under \windows folder I8000_SamsungToday_sgoo_patch.cab
  7. If you don't feel your pda's screen is smooth when you have a protector on it, that means the protector is poor quality.
  8. Are you still using Android 2.1, have you ever tried 2.2 ? I've seen Galaxy S in a Turkcell shop in my country, I still think I wish it had a flash led which I use it as a torch I haven't decided yet but I think I'll wait for Samsung I8520 Beam
  9. What will you say about the battery lives of galaxy S and omnia 2? Is galaxy's battery consumption better or worse? And how long does it last ?
  10. Moreover I think the latest is this http://www.modaco.com/content/i8000-omnia-...3-official-rom/
  11. No updates needed since the last version I shared with you, I think that rom is perfect (for me). If I make a new version, I'll share it with you all :lol: I only have nb0 file (the orginal one with the language pack)
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