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  1. can any one port baidu fm radio for this rom( this fm radio apk is amazing, and have no issues)
  2. avenir791

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    u have just instal or flash any gapp jb 4.1.2 try this https://mega.co.nz/#!xI023SQZ!LWHA8BuDqD3QwEZ5QShdhzi9Oe4YOPR60EYE2DTjmp8
  3. avenir791

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    it's working fine
  4. avenir791

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    u can change keyboard by another from playstore, i recommand u a huawei keyboard
  5. avenir791

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    try the lewacallfix not the eu baseband, this lewacallfx will fix the problem of hangup
  6. :P thanks to developper who ported fm radio for kitkat rom.
  7. i listen fm radio from the baidu rom, but i like that i will have a kitkat rom who support fm, we like all have fm and our phones is updated, fm radio is not draining battery , but listening a online radio do it, plus it demands data. i just creat this topic just do not forget fm on our devices in compiling new roms if it's possible.
  8. avenir791

    BaiduOS ROM44 U8951 24-2-2014

    hey i tried the lewa call fix and the rom is working perfectly, for the camera is working fine, even bluetooth, wifi, hotspot, for 3g data u have change in build prop cdma_gsm by umts_gsm, so u cam easily check in network mode wcdma only, gsm only or wcdma/gsm auto the only minor bug is that the computer dosnt reconise the internal memory , only the sd card that is reconised, i hope that will be fixed in next builds. for the battery it has a goog battery duration(life). u can find the last build for this rom here http://pan.baidu.com/share/home?uk=4278772253&view=share#category/type=0
  9. Hey Now our devices Huawei Y300/G510 support fm radio for kitkat customs roms , Thanks to developpers (Credits to EloYGomeZ & eloimuns) who ported fm radio. links for kikat roms that support fm radio : http://getcm.thebron...m/?device=u8833 http://actualizatumo...ead.php?tid=422 http://actualizatumo...read.php?tid=73 http://www.modaco.com/topic/368306-rom442all-slimkat-5-unofficial-12052014/
  10. hey i thank you for this geat rom and for the call fix, it's working fine for me, but i tried this lewacall fix for the baidu rom, and it"s working perfectely, even 3g is working fine, i chosen this rom because it has a good fm radio (baidu fm), this is the link that u can dowload the baidu rom http://pan.baidu.com/share/home?uk=4278772253&view=share#category/type=0 for chekhing 3g data, u have change in build.prop cdma_gsm by umts_gsm
  11. avenir791

    [ROM] Expert V4 FINAL [CM10.1] [4.2.2]

    hey I tested this rom for sevaral days and I noticed 1.a lack of speed responsive of launching applications 2. bluetooth not working ( he dosnt find all near bluetooth devices) a part of this this rom is geat i hope that i help u to improve it
  12. any news about fm radio in this rom
  13. it 's not working correctly for my ascend y300, when i want to wipe it stucks, so i installed twrp v2.6.3.3 this recovery is very stable
  14. there is a new rom http://www.htcmania.com/showthread.php?t=778407

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