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  1. For some reason my g510-0100 seems to fail to connect to the mobile network. Happened on 7.4 and now on 7.6. Anyone also got this? It seems I have to reboot and clear cache and dalvik to fix it, then on the next reboot it happens again.
  2. guys, is it just my video recording that keeps crashing, or does anyone else here have the same issue? (I'm running this ROM on my G510, btw)
  3. So i finally did it, gave 4.4.2 another shot, however there's this: I only have two home screens in Trebuchet, and no way of adding more. Also, there are very few settings for Trebuchet in "Home" (two menu items, none of them very helpful). Anyone else got this?
  4. Hello, guys! I was an early adopter of this ROM. Even though I loved it's look and feel and the smoothness, I got tired of all the random reboots that and crappy battery life that plagued this ROM early on so I flashed stock (B199) a couple of months ago. Long story short: could one of you guys maybe sum up what I've missed? Is KitKat stable? how does it compare to stock battery-wise? Which build would best be suited for daily use? (I've got a G510-0100)
  5. yep, the december 1st build caused a bootloop for me too (also the g510-100).
  6. anyone else got a blank dock on the homescreen on the 07/11 nightly? because of this, I can't figure out any way to access the app drawer. later edit: well.. in case you do, just force stop trebuchet and clear data via app manager, it will do the trick
  7. looks good, feels smooth BUT I'm getting all sorts of erratic behaviour: hangs between screens (entering / exiting settings), random reboots (after calls, after some app installs) the battery stats in the settings aren't updating as they should (I've unplugged the phone as I was heading out for the office at 9 AM, after 2 hours it tells me that it's got 93% charge and 46 minutes on battery). well, apart from that I like the feel of it, can't wait to get these things straightened out.
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