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  1. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    What i think.. SuperSu keep it's data on extsd. One of first things to do when you install my rom, it asks for login to google account. now 2 things. 1st - you deny to login to google account,and therefore it doesn't allow you to access google services,but this is obvious. 2nd - su ask you to google services allow to read your contacts. No matter what you choose,this may be the moment when it use su data on extsd. Go to Security, then icon with miui(acess rights, Uprawnienia), Manage apps rights. Root acces should be turned on by default. switch it off, reboot, switch it on. Give it a try, if something is the cause somewhere, i can't help you. but still - it works for everyone so far. Also you can try with brand new sd card in phone to be sure. ps: gapps crashed for me when i installed it in wrong android version after install my rom. sure you use default one?
  2. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Works for me whenever i want to install any app from Google Play Store - i'm using the version that cames with my rom. Just sign in to google account and it works like a charm - never had any problem with installing anything by it (for example just downloaded Ringtone Editor yesterday). Also i don't have any issues with google apps crashing (the only place which is crashing which i found is when you try to go to Settings, Connectivity , More, 4G settings, but this is normal as Y300 don't have 4G modem, just 3G (up to HSPA+, but no LTE) ). Are you sure you wiped everything before installing my rom, and then wipe dalvik/cache after you install and yet before reboot from recovery?
  3. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Strange. Anyone else have same problem with battery drain ? About milky screen - can anyone point me what you mean by milky screen ? I have no idea, and as i have no idea, a can't do anything to solve the matter (and it is 2nd person who says that my rom have milky screen, hmm )
  4. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Really ? Shouldn't be. I've got 18% drain in 8,5h today with calling, sms, and HSPA access for about 1 hour
  5. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Uploaded new version, check 1st page
  6. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    It is possible, but i will not port it, as i found cm10.1 very buggy on Y300, and very unstable (tried many versions of cm10.1 - josalaito's kraizelo's, some unnofficials on so on - none working properly), so for me it is waste of time
  7. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Russian, Italian, Spain, German, Hungarian at the moment, but can be any other too
  8. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Hi, i figured out many things in my rom, need to recompile, will post updated (FASTER) rom within this week. As many people ask me for adding various languages - no problem, but since it's different than copy-paste from some other rom, and as i'm pretty busy these days (i'm musician also, and will start the tour on December 4th ;) ) i will add more languages if i'll find volunteers here to translate all the commands to the language which you want :) Any volunteers willing ? :)
  9. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    After few days of using my rom, i'm making significant changes, to make it faster and less memory using, will update very soon. About milky screen - can you post screenshot ? Everything works fine at my Y300-0100, but i will take a look to solve the matter
  10. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    I'll take a look on it today. I'll just figured out there are few unwanted processes, which cause for example onscreen keyboard need about 1-2 seconds to show up. Will come back later with solution
  11. masterpascaler

    [ROM] Miui v5 4.0.10 [PL/ENG] Y300/G510

    Hi everyone, can't explain version number, that's what i et after zipping everything in Ubuntu 13.10, i left it as it was. About battery drain - very low, battery keeps about 2-3 days with normal use, performance - please anyone else say about it, non subiectively. No problem with milky screen (kernel fitted specially for this version of MIUI). Sound enhancing addons - i use big bluetooth headphones, and default sound wasn't enough bass for me, that's why i added it. About other languages - i don't speak well other languages than Polish and English, but feel free to translate it to other languages. Feel free to comment anyone, and let me know if you'll find some bugs, i'll work them as needed. BTW: I have Y300, tried EVERY custom rom for it. I stayed on MIUI, as most stable and most efficient for me.
  12. Based on 5 3.11.8 [mr.mario] ROM, fixed some things, added some things: In my opinion best rom for Y300, everything is working (3G, camera, ending calls etc.) Changelog: 1. Deleted chineese APKs 2. European baseband - works 2G/3G, including HSPA+ 3. Fixed bug with end of call 4. Mod sms 5. Basic Google apps (including Google Play) 6. Keyboard Xperia Honami 7. GPS.conf 8. Hosts block of adveristements 9. WSM Tools / Mi-Tools 10. Weather BZ 11. FoxFi - tethering Wi-Fi/USB/BT with session data counting 12. AC!D Sound Manager 13. Youtube 14. Gallery 3D 15. Antivirus, firewall 16. MiMarket 17. Lot of themes online Languages : Chineese, English, Polish 1. Installation by Recovery 2. Download .zip 3. Enter Recovery 4. Full WIPE !!! 5. Install 6. Wipe Dalvik/Android secure 7. Reboot 2013.11.22 UPDATED ROM (SHOULD BE FASTER NOW) DOWNLOAD LINK HERE : http://d-h.st/8Z2 OLD DOWNLOAD LINK : http://d-h.st/MLj Screenshots (Polish) :

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