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  1. Yeah, this is the way to sim unlocked A1:i think he meant is the only when used to unlock.I don't know if he is in the unlocking software or hardware layer. Maybe you can flash other roms(x900,AZ210)or perhaps patching. I just think it can give us some inspiration to unlock it. A2:At least 300 through various channels into China. howeveronly less than half unlocked. These don't have to unlock the tablet only as ,but these very cheap compared. For various, almost all of the buyers have unlocked wishs A3: my english is not well.Even spent the Google Translate I can't fully understand what you meant. :P
  2. There are a drawing, but I will not upload Who can tell me how to upload shot on chrome with mobile
  3. The topic of his link XOLO700/900 Related development, Software and Hardware, Test Debugging, R&D,Reference material 1.XOLO_X700_v01.11_121010.B2.rar(211.2MB x700? boot.bin 6.9MB dnx_firmware_SIGNED_PNW_D1_FWR_Dnx.FD.bin 65KB dnx_os_SIGNED_PNW_D1_OSR_Dnx_0D. bin 64.6KB droidboot.img 9.1MB droidboot.img.pos.bin 9.1MB ifwi_firmware_IFWI_v06.99_CRAK_DEV_bb1453.2n... 1.8MB radio.firmware.bin 9.7MB recovery.img 7.8MB system.img.gz 176.5MB 2.LAVA Multi download tool. rar(4.2MB AdbWinApi.dll 94KB AdbWinUsbApi.dll 59.4KB BDLTFactory.dat 408.0KB DeviceList.dat 1KB Extern_Import_D1.dll 12.5KB flashconfig.dat 1KB MakeMultiExe. bat 1KB Makepkg.exe 204.1KB Qtcore4.dll 2.2MB QtGui4.dll 9.5MB xfstk_dldr_api.dll 319.0KB Hope this helps
  4. Yesterday evening. i heard someone living in ShenZhen can be achieved by flash rom to unlock it(only original ics(x900 or AZ210?) Received only RMB100(16.4USD maybe But he does not offer that flash tool and only support mailed to him or face to face to unlock. I saw his shot has given these tools appear So i think if we can find out these two tools may be able to make a breakthrough. When necessary,i will provide a link to his sales but not now. I tried searching on Google but these did not find anything useful. So how do you look at it?
  5. um if i root this devices by the xolo x900 ics, can i recover the official roidboot and recovery?^_^
  6. :( i would like to try root it. if not, then really.i can only used the xolo x900 ics. maybe i can also learn methods to posting framework,app, and flash orange first screen by this devices. Last any thx for your help:D Translated from Google
  7. Thx for to help me.my ifwi vision is 05B1 its may be the latest vision. Um, maybe i can get the orange rom(2.3 so, used the official ota to update vision to Ics and not to update for the latest vision? and used the aio tool to download the ics ron is the latest vision? My english is not well ,so thx a lot
  8. madam&sir: my device is OSD(AZ210A) I want to root it for to mount a SD Card but i dislike the x900 ics the Orange ICS is so cool that i dont want to give it up so how to root it? please help me!
  9. My English is not good and this topic will use the Google Translate my drives is Blade orange OLED vision at now use the CM10.2 from KonstaT when I open the WIFI. the wifi mac address is showed me ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff and didnt find any SSID if I shutdown the wifi,the drives will not working,and reboot. i've tried many ways to repair the wifi but without success. like tpts/ZTE write wifi Tools/use others roms and i want to know this problem will solve if or not. thanks a lot. have a good day everybody
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