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  1. WTF! I can't believe it! why? Does it reduce it so much? Do you know if it can be rooted without unlocking the bootloader? Thanks for the hint!
  2. On Sat 11 I've lost (or has been stolen?) my Y300. :angry2: :angry2: :angry2: It's not for the loss, I was already thinking to a replacement, what upsets me is loosing my personal data, pictures,etc... well, sh*t happens! Anyway, as I'm moving to another model (Almost for sure it will be a Sony Xperia Z3 compact :D ), I would like to say big thanks to the developers that are making this phone worth its cost. So, thank you Dazzozo, chil360, modding33k, cextel... and all the others helping you in the tests and troubleshooting, like fonz, zola, luca, etc! Bye!
  3. Yesterday a strange thing happened. After installing the fixed GPS image (toghether with updated gapps and car kit) , I proceeded to remove some system apps with Slimsizer, as I always do. They were browser, mail, exchange, slim file manager, calc. After the reboot I lost almost all of Nova settings: widgets, shortcuts, folders in the app drawer... there was the initial setup with the two red and blue shortcuts to restore a nova backup or import a desktop layout... The background didn't change, and also the custom icon set remained. What could it be?
  4. It works. I copied the files in /system/media/audio/ringtones, set the permissions and reboot. The ringtones are available in the list, now.
  5. I've checked the permissions, but actually I didn't reboot... will try again, thanks for remind me yes, I know... but my music app (Omich) doesn't support it, and don't like to keep an app installed just to change ringtone whenever I want..
  6. Where should I put MP3 custom ringtones? I tried both /system/media/.... and /storage/sdcard/Ringtones, but with no success ...
  7. FOUND! Using the app Zedge, it's called "Loudest ringtone"
  8. It should have to do with zombie processes: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zombie_process
  9. Here's a screenshot of ex dialer, with SGS2 theme (buttons height can be changed, it can be lower)
  10. Give a try to EX Dialer, it's light, highly customizable, and free...
  11. For me too... that's why I've put my eyes on the xperia Z1 Compact... here you can have it for 90€ plus a 30 months contract with the provider (3)... and it's just a 4.3" phone
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