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  1. Guide: http://adf.ly/sIG0Z Due to some reason those old dropbox links of x900 image, Sandiego etc etc are not working so here are new links of those files :- 299mb update - http://adf.ly/sIGl2 Image- http://adf.ly/sIGrh San diego, aio tools - http://adf.ly/sIGy4 37 mb update - http://adf.ly/sIH5U Cheers
  2. first i flashed that 299 mb update through fast boot after that i again rooted my phone after that i flashed Fibblesans stock pack (option 35) and Borqs W32T GPU lib's (option 38) after that i inserted sd and enabled its sd card. bt still x900 cannot read sd card nor its usb storage only when sd is inserted :(
  3. i am looking for a smart watch. should i buy sony smart watch 2 or is there any better smart watch available. N is that watch customizable i mean can i flash any rom or like rooting or something or to update its rom ?
  4. http://xolohub.blogspot.in/2013/11/how-to-root-xolo-x900.html
  5. Yes it is possible first u have to flash that 299 ics update.
  6. i am also facing the same problem also tried to replace my antenna but artificial antenna works fine till the phone is not heated up. this problem is related to heat i think its cpu heats up a lot. this problem can be resolved by keeping your x900 in freezer or by restarting.
  7. should i clear system cache or what and how to clear it from recovery.
  8. First of all i want to tell that i am a complete noob in all this lol :P I rooted my phone and enabled its sd so now what is happening is when i insert my sd card i cant read my usb storage nor i can read sd .. when i remove sd there is a notification usb storage removed i think x900 is detecting that sd is inserted . i can read my usb storage after removing sd and rebooting. i tried many vold.fstab files of diffrent devices but the problem is still there. n my sd is also in fat32 i also tried ext2 and ext3 formats but no success :P
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