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  1. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    For those wanting to use the Root but worried about the OTA updates killing off thier Hudl, I think I might have sourced a couple of solutions. I can't promise they'll be 100% effective, but they might help fend off the OTA's while Paul and his growing help iron out the little teething problems. First from playstore download "Disable Service". Install and open it, then go to System Apps>Google Services Framework. Uncheck "SystemUpdateService" and restart your device. Or Second Download FOTAKill.apk and copy to your device. Use a root explorer (such as ES Explorer) to copy the file to /system/app If the update already downloaded, use your root explorer to delete it from /cache. Reboot. If the update notice is still in the notification bar after the reboot, simply swipe it away. That should be the last time you are ever prompted to update via OTA. As I said these are solutions that I searched for and I take no credit for working this out for myself, just sourced info I thought might help.... I am currently using the first option, fingers crossed no Update notifications have so far appeared. :)
  2. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    First to say thankyou to PaulOBrien for your work and support for this root method.... I sat all night nearly trying to make this work, never quite succeeding and not understanding why... The hudl reported that all was "OKAY" without actually flashing the rom and my computer reported there was an error.... In desperation this morning I un-installed all my previous root apps for the Asus, Nexus, MotoG and stand alone apps such as Kingo etc... I also removed all assoiated drivers for these devices and ADB drivers... I then did a fresh install of the Adb drivers and run the Hudl 2 root again...... Bingo..... Flashed first time..... So I can only assume one of my previous root applications was causing a problem, maybe a driver issue...... But either way job, jobbed.... Thanks again PaulOBrien for all your hard work and support....
  3. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Now I'm getting this on the Hudl..... E:installer device ignored FASTBOOT INIT... E:installer device ignored FASTBOOT CMD WAITING... E:installer device ignored E:No valid installer medium found. Then in Bright Blue RESULT: OKAY ??????? :(
  4. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    No still the same error.... I've tried all suggestions given here..... Checked and double checked files are all in the same folder, shortend .img name, run CMD in admin mode, re-tried with r2.img..... Would a Data/Factory reset solve my problem does anyone think ?
  5. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Nope exactly the same error........
  6. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Yeh, it most definately is....
  7. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Yes, but just to confirm.... Build number, KOT49H.rel.android-build.20140924.194555 release-keys
  8. Hukfed

    How to root your Hudl 2

    Not working.... It gives this error....... " target reported max download size of 1260890794 bytes error: cannot load 'system.hudl2.rooted.20140924.194555.ONLY.img' "
  9. Hukfed

    BBM on Hudl

    Hi, Not sure if this has been covered, I have had a quick look but found no info. I wanted BBM on my New Hudl, however play store informed me it was not available on my device. So not wanting to accept that I looked into any work arounds but found none so decided to try myself.. Luckily for me (as I am not a wiz with tech by any stretch) it turned out to be really easy, here's what I did. First I Rooted my Hudl using VRoot 1.7 (Headache) Then I installed ES File Explorer. I then downloaded BBM.apk from here http://www.apkdrawer.com/bbm-apk/ I transfered the BBM.apk to a usb stick (my hudl won't recognize my sd card, new one on order) Connected usb stick to Hudl and directed ES File Explorer to the usb drive. Installed the BBM.apk. Once it installed and before I closed ES File Explorer I opened BBM. BBM opened fine, I logged in with my current BBM details and Bingo, it happily transfered my account to the Hudl. I assume you can do exactly as I did but using sd card to install the apk, and I see no reason why it would not create an account if you don't have or don't want to transfer your existing account....... As I said I'm not a tech head so I'm not gonna be any help if this is not as easy for everyone, but I hope and see no reason why it shouldn't be......

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