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  1. paultr2

    HDMI not full screen

    Yes, very good service from Tesco. They must have put considerable resources into their support team when you consider that apart from 'advanced' technical queries like yours they must have loads of people ringing in with much more basic questions.
  2. paultr2

    Response from Tesco: Official Android 4.4 (KitKat)

    Thanks CM I really like UC - nice and fast and responsive. Have you managed to get it to play flash clips on the BBC web site ? I managed to get Dolphin to do this by using a legacy flash player
  3. paultr2

    Response from Tesco: Official Android 4.4 (KitKat)

    CM, which browser do you use as an alternative to Chrome ? I have tried a few (have to use Dolphin for BBC flash clips) but they all seem a bit laggy compared to Chrome.
  4. paultr2

    Trying to unroot and stuck on 1.3 update

    Same for me. Now all the Tesco stuff has gone, all the [T] does is make a clicking noise. I can live with that !
  5. paultr2

    Trying to unroot and stuck on 1.3 update

    Don't speak too soon, your Hudl seems to have gone ternary
  6. paultr2

    Trying to unroot and stuck on 1.3 update

    i hope you are alright revomikey. A bit of a lesson for me - I am going to wait for a while before rooting.
  7. paultr2

    HDMI cable?

    Could someone who has a decent HD TV comment on what the quality is like compared to HD broadcast TV ?
  8. paultr2

    Hudl backup script (under review & re-write)

    perfect - cheers :)
  9. paultr2

    Hudl backup script (under review & re-write)

    I know this is a bit cheeky because I can guess how much work it is to work out how to take a backup let alone document it but if you have the time would you make a moron proof walkthrough of the backup process ? (Assuming basic PC skills) Also is it possible to do this with free apps or do you need the paid for version of any of them? Cheers Paul
  10. paultr2

    Upgrade or not

    If all the visible Tesco apps are disabled is there anything else Tesco related running in the background ?
  11. paultr2

    Upgrade or not

    Thanks CM for your comprehensive reply :) I have disabled the Tesco apps but would still like to get rid of the [T] at some point (a bit anal about things like this) Do you think that when someone makes a 'clean' v1.3 file it will be possible to move to that from an updated tablet (not just this update but also ones in the future) ? Edit: have you updated your Hudl ?
  12. paultr2

    Upgrade or not

    I have the 20130923.020558 build and have not implemented the latest update. As soon as there is an easy (for idiots like me) walkthough I want to root my tablet and get rid of the [T] and the Tesco bloatware. I would like the improved wifi that the new update is supposed to offer but am worried if I update I will then not be able to root and get rid of the Tesco stuff. So, if I update now am I stuck with the [T] ? (I have posted this on another thread but it got 'lost') TIA
  13. Ignorant newbie posting (you must just hate them ;)). I cannot understand most of this thread but want at some point to root my Hudl and get rid of the annoying [T]. I think I will be able to follow the instructions linked on this forum. I notice that to root it you must have build 20130923.020558 which I have as I have not updated yet. I do want the improved WiFi that the latest update offers but if I update does that mean I cannot then root the tablet ?
  14. paultr2

    Official response from Tesco: v1.3 firmware update

    I have also been very dissapointed with the GPS - it seems to see plenty of satellites but cannot maintain a consistent lock. I have connected the Hudl to an old Bluetooth GPS and the differences are huge. I want to use the Hudl as a marine plotter so GPS is important to me. I had assumed that most of these small tablets would use similar GPS chips so do you think the poor performance of the GPS could be cured by a future update ? Thanks for any advice.

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