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  1. you have tried it with d505?
  2. it's possible to insert the dialer of probam into this rom?
  3. rom fast and smoothly. when you will add more it translation will be perfect!
  4. very good rom, but battery drain too high
  5. this rom is the best for G330! No bugs for me
  6. i think you had to make a clean install with all wipe, because i don't have your bugs. ;)
  7. where i can find pocket mode? i also have an high battery drain
  8. sometimes antutu crash in the 3d test. someone else have this problem?
  9. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzrGAb-UMlJ4R1pWa2ZLMEY4bTQ/edit?usp=sharing with these libraries, audio work
  10. 6800 is the score of g330/y300 with cm11 or cm10.2
  11. i know, but i don't like it. i prefere the semi transparency. now i have imported dialer.apk file from an holder nightly, it works! :)

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