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  1. Can someone quickly confrim if it comes with SuperSU?
  2. Alright, I'm going to abandon this ROM for a while. Android System -> Keep Awake 6 hours and hardware keys don't work :-/
  3. People complaining a lot about blank screen. Can someone kindly confirm if they mean what I'm experiencing. The phone just stop responding to anything and stays 'off'. Have to restart it by taking out the battery. Is this it? Another annoying bug I'm having is the top status bar goes black and glitches. The drop down stop working but the phone itself is fine. Last but not least, why isn't screenshot functionality built into it?
  4. Sorry I did real it but wanted to confirm it. Thought it was outdated. My bad
  5. There is a fix for this in another thread. I think its in Slim thread. The zip files fixes the CPU usage thingy. Anyone confirm if volume up and down work?
  6. Alright going to do that. Update: Installed and its asking me to ensure the partition for which I have no idea. /dev/block/mmcblk0p13 is this right? I don't want to brick it :-/ Guys do the hardware button work? Volume up and down? Second: Do I need to update by checking this thread or will I get update automatically?
  7. I think 2.8.x is buggy. Can confirm, experiencing the same. Phew. After trying all day yesterday and verge of trashing the phone, I decided to let it boot one again to see it could fix itself up. Miraculously. It did!!!! I am now able to enter TeslaOS. I also enabled root access from the Developer options. So with this custom ROM, there is no need to install SuperSU like we did on other roms like ASOP Jelly Beans to handle root access? So it's built into this? Another question, anyone know how to revert back to TWRP 2.7.x? Do I simply download TWRP 2.7.x for the device and zip it from current TWRP 2.8.x recovery? Will it allow to downgrade itself? I really want to have combination to start TWRP and fastboot option enabled. I dodged a bullet installing 2.8.x. Phew
  8. It managed to fix itself. But if the ROM hadn't booted, the phone was brick. Miraculously. the ROM managed to boot and with Quickboot, I would be able to enter recovery. None of the combination or fastload was working. Going to revert back to 'stable' TWRP version which was 2.7.x It's strange combinations weren't working to enter fastload, recovery nor 'turning screen to violet'.
  9. How can I not access both the TWRP nor Fastboot? How is this even possible :/
  10. i tried it. It doesn't go into recovery but straight to TeslaOS :-| Huawei Y300-0100
  11. Damn! Wish I had done it when the ROM was running fine. Now it's a total train wreck. Thought I had to install it via zip file which I downloaded. Now I can't get into recovery. :( I think updating to 2.8.x is to be blame. Did that update change the combo on how to access the recovery?? Please
  12. Sorry that is what I meant. TWRP is not loading up via the combo nor is Fastboot. I"m worried.
  13. Guys I seriously need to access the bootloader. I can't.
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