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  1. It worked like a charm! It's like the swipe notification in atomic mod, not as sensitive as in ics onwards, you have to drag the notification the whole way, but it works. Thanks!
  2. He should be able to install swiftkey though, but I don't know about xposed
  3. Thanks! gonna try it later One more question: is it hard to modify the rest of the cyan-colored elements in the rom? Like the circles in the pattern, the box in which you write the messages, etc. I mean doing what you did with the status bar, but with the whole rom Thanks again :D
  4. I think he quoted the wrong message lol, there's someone saying the keyboard is too small, he was probably replying to that guy
  5. That's Go Launcher, the problem is finding the theme... I guess you should install the launcher and keep peering all the themes available until you find that one. Good luck!
  6. Hey, I flashed your theme, but whenever I open the menu by long pressing the power button, my phone restarts. Got any clue of what's happening? One more question: is it hard to modify all the cyan-colored elements in the rom so as to make different themes? For example, changing it to white, like you did with the status bar, but with the whole rom Thanks for sharing!
  7. Nice, man! The only thing this rom misses is the ability to customize the looks, so what you did is really useful Dumb question: in order to make it look like in the screenshot, should I just flash white battery.zip and the toggles zip? Thanks!
  8. You have to change a build.prop line, I don't remember exacly which one, I'll tell you when I get home if you didn't get any answers, but it's an easy fix so don't worry
  9. Gracias por seguir desarrollando, pero te van a advertir que el post debería estar en inglés. Saludos!
  10. I usually had a good battery life with CM7, but there was one time that, after flashing it, my battery was draining really fast. For example, half the battery was drained at night when I was asleep. I don't know why that happened, but it is probably what happens to your gf
  11. Yeah that one. It's based on gingerbread, so it's the fastest one out there. The only problem is that, as it is an old Android version, some apps are not compatible. In order to flash that rom you need to downgrade to gb baseband!
  12. Hey, could you tell me how did you fix the low ringtone volume from gb slim v7? Thanks!
  13. What a shame, it seemed promising. Let's hope the next version fixes those bugs
  14. Have any of you tried Badiu's version which was supposed to be optimised for phones with 512 mb of ram?
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